Bottle City of Kandor Continuity Errors?

So how has the lost city of Kandor been around forver yet we see Superman save Kandor for the first time in 2008 in Geoff Johns Braniac storyline? It makes no sense at all considering the story wasn’t a flashback.

Well, it’s important to note that between 1986 and 2008, there WAS no Kryptonian bottled city of Kandor. It was retconned out of existence in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Johns brought it back for that storyline.

In Pre-Crisis Continuity, Kandor was restored to normal size in 1978, in SUPERMAN #338 — a 40th anniversary special.

I wrote about the history of Kandor’s restoration here:


You also have to take into account the Geoff Johns story was part of the Post Infinite Crisis timeline aka the “New Earth” continuity. What you’re probably reading now isn’t part of that continuity.

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Well I swear I’ve seen it in comics post crisis. it was In Brian Azzerellos Superman story arc. Maybe it wasn’t part of continuity?

I’ve also read something like the original Kandor wasn’t actually from krypton but was some magical city, the actual kryptopnian Kandor didn’t show up until Johns run.

Also what’s up with Braniac? We are told that Superman never fought the real Braniac until Johns run. So all those Braniacs Superman defeated like in the story “panic in the sky” were just his avatars or probes?

Also Candor is in the 52 series. They were hiding someone/something in Kandor the whole time.

That was a different Kandor. Kind of like how Supergirl wasn’t really from Krypton for about 20 years.