border town

Can’t believe they canceled border town:(

Allegations against the writer came out. That’s all I know. But yeah, it was canceled

After seeing this, I looked it up, and as much as I enjoyed the first four issues, I see why they canceled it so abruptly. If that stuff is true (and sadly, I’m sure it is), I wouldn’t have chosen to purchase further issues anyways.

On the creative end, it’s unfortunate for the rest of the people involved (love the artist on that book!), but human beings like that should not be tolerated.

Thanks for the heads up!


The artist on the book all dropped off after the report came out, so it makes sense that they’d just cancel the book. It’s a bummer, but totally the right thing to do.


I was simply stating my disappointment about the book. I would have continued to read. If you wanna discuss the accusations that’s fine. In the past I have stopped listening to favorite bands (brand new, lostprophets), stopped supporting actors, and even boycotted products because of allegations. But this situation seems different to me. From reading the accusers statement I’m not sure he is a rapist. I think he was a bad bf and bc of that she made it sound worse than n it was. I do think there is two sides and even from her side she doesn’t seem to be describing rape. I know I’ll get a lot of hate but that’s my opinion on the matter.

DC, taking a stand, just like the heroes of their books. Thank you.


I think Villalobos and Bonvillain made the right call dropping out and I’m sure they’ll be on other books soon enough. DC made 100% the right call and should be applauded for doing so quickly given their past history with this sort of thing.


Yea I guess it’s better they canceled. Hope the artists find a way to work together again


Didn’t realize I only read an excerpt of her statement. Yea now I’m regretting making this post.

They shouldn’t have cancelled it. Just fire the guy and keep going.

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I thought that at first but the artists dropped out. If they just got rid of Eric they might face been able to make it work possibly.

Now more women are coming out saying the guy was a creep.

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I don’t think they could. As I understand it Vertigo books are at least partly creator owned, much more simar to a traditional book publisher than what you normally see in comics.

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Exactly what I was thinking. They couldn’t legally move on without Eric possibly