Border Town

DC Daily has mentioned Border Town a couple of times now, and it sounds pretty cool. It’d be nice if it was added, at least the first issue.


Of course they say it’s good because they are promoting their product. The majority consensus among fans is that its terrible.

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Semi Spoilery

Its fine up until the African American girl says she is an illegal and screams about firing a gun. The Nazi kid is a trope I hope gets resolved to be more realistic. The fight setup was okay but the scene skip was jarring at best. I am curious how the monsters all fit in. The opening scene is a bit funny if you know American Expansion history, except used out of context to seem like America stole the land for cheap. Compared to todays price and when Arizona was purchased give or take was a good chunk.

Out if all the books that came out so far from Vertigo the Dreaming is the best one. Hands down. Looking forward to the rest of Sandman this coming month and Hex Wives. The rest is up for debate. The Jesus and his superhero roommate thing will set people off if done poorly. I’ll check out #2 of Border Town if it moves past tropes and shows the monsters more.

Main reason they haven’t put any on here is that issue #2 comes out October 3rd. I recommend it if you not a diehard conservative.

I’ll give it a chance. It’s my first time hearing about this book.

I’ve now read it. Pretty good book. Didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did, the monsters from Mexican folklore are pretty fascinating. I’m also looking forward to learn more about these characters.