booster gold

How about a live action booster gold series or movie on DC universe


I agree. Especially if Ted Kord is also in the mix as Blue Beetle. That would be dope.

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Now they have named dropped Ted kord on arrow

Booster Gold could replace DC Legends of Tomorrow. He and Ted could traverse time and space and muck everything up royally from week to week. We need something steeped in the DC mythos but light and fun. Between the DCEU, the current Arrowverse and most comics we are being bludgeoned by DC’s one-note, sadistic world-view. It ain’t fun anymore, folks. A Booster (shot of) Gold could help save the dismal DC universe.


Baseball maniac you are here why?

Rather see it on here then cw


DC Universe having originals films would be great and Booster can definetly be one of them


I want him to join the legends of tomorrow

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He won’t join that show he’s a stand alone character that should get his own series or own movie

I agree with Mongul he’s better off as a special appearance character on LoT or Supergirl more so than as a starring role in a movie. I wouldn’t be all that hyped about a booster gold film.

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No. Thank you. I’m fine without a Booster Gold series or film. He can be a secondary character in something or a one off. That’s about as much weight as he can push.

I think it could be a DCU movie I wouldn’t mind that I’m sure there are some booster gold fans who would watch

@bizzarr96 Obviously “some” people would watch amd love it. That doesn’t command DC/WB the ability to sink ALL the time, energy and money into something that “most” people wouldn’t care about. I’m not saying they shouldn’t or that Booster is a bad character. I’m just saying he doesn’t garner that much weight to push. It would be a waist of money and effort on the part of any studio looking to stay in the game.

Seann William Scott as Michael Jon Carter


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Glenn Howerton as Booster Gold


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I have said it before and will say it again. Nathan Fillion as Booster and Alan Tudyk as Beetle. If not do the cast of Its Always Sunny. Dennis is Booster. Mac is Beetle. Charlie as G’Nort. Frank as Oberon. Dee as Ice

Yes please. I’ve had this idea for a BG movie, basically his classic origin, but he travels back to thwart Superman’s death in hope of instant fame and notoriety as a genuine Superhero. His assumption is that his knowledge of history will be his true power, but his interference alters his memories useless. Due to his interference, Luthor never gains access to Zods ship, but instead gets his hands on Boosters Tech (via a far too trusting Ted Kord who befriends Booster at some point tbd) Kord has all the on Boosters future tech, Luthor steals the info.
After a some true genius research, Lex figures out how to open interdimensional portals and enters one only to step out older (and less zany) and with a much broader understanding of the universe. He convinces quadriplegic Kryptonian Invasion survivor John Corbin to allow him to build him a new body and Metallo is born. Metallo attacks, Supes starts to lose, Booster steps in despite being useless, and starts getting destroyed. Batman saves the day but has serious words for Clark about what a danger he is to Earth, he says he understands and “that’s why I want you to have this” and hands him a lead canister with the remaining kryptonite. Gives a speech about “if I ever get out of control…” ect.
Meanwhile, Booster is horrified that he destroyed the future (the joke being he “course corrected” the DCFU) but cant figure out why he still exists and still remembers events like Superman dying at the hands of Doomsday, the Justice league.

He should have that Starlord/Han Solo/Sheriff Bill Pardy idiot-hero thing going on. A fun adventure in the vein of Back to the Future in DCU…with no intent on returning to the future.

Travis Van Winkle for Booster Gold

They can’t even get the main DC characters scripted right how are they going to do a movie with minor characters?