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Greetings, @JusticeLeagueBookClub!

By now, you’ve hopefully heard the news about Booster Gold’s next big TV gig (o’er on HBO Max) and are wondering “What should I read, so as to prepare for Green Lantern’s next on-screen shenanigans?”

If you are (and you should be :wink:), then check out Booster’s latest starring adventure that will make you smile and chuckle as only Booster Gold can:

If Booster Gold is entirely new to you because of the recent DC Studios news, then you can check out where his solo adventures began right here:

Is Booster Gold new to you? Are you an ardent Booster fan who is excited for his next TV adventures? Is he secretly a Green Lantern in-waiting that doesn’t actually mind when people mistakenly call him “Green Lantern”?

Sound off below with your thoughts on TV’s next big superstar…:sparkles: Booster Gold! :sparkles:


:frowning: Oh…I thought this was about the Green Lantern.
To answer your questions, I’ve been a fan of Booster Gold after watching the classic episode of Justice League Unlimited.
I guess at the time of The Death Of Superman, I’ve never gave him much thought, I just love how a future hero came into the past and try to get fame & Fortune.
If I went back to 1912, I’d be rich if I show a talking movies to the people! :grin:
And no, he’s not the Green Lantern, if he was, he’d be wearing green. It’s not easy being Booster Gold.



A song to describe Booster, for better or worse. Demi Lovato - Confident (Official Video) - YouTube


Of all the things announced by James Gunn the other day, an ongoing Booster Gold TV series has got me the most psyched! A comedy/adventure series starring comics’ biggest knucklehead, if done right, could be very entertaining.


@Vroom keep up with these, very informative! Thanks!


I knew of BG before JLU, but yeah, “The Greatest Story Never Told” is definitely what took Booster from a “I know of him.” level to a “Great Rao, he’s one of my fav’rits!” level.

“I am not Green Lantern!”

Yes you are, you squeaky wheel-loving hero from the future. :wink:

Rad! Thank you for the share. :superman_hv_4:

Absolutely! I have a feeling Booster Gold has a bright future ahead of him.

You’re welcome, and thank you.

As Stan Lee said in Mallrats, “You keep reading them and I’ll keep writing them.”


I just hope they name the show BOO$TER GOLD :grin:


I’d say I’m a H U G E Booster Gold fan, so my expectations for this show are probably too high. I REALLY hope it’s inspired by the 80s run and JLI (and ideally, they’d get Jurgens in a creative role, maybe even as a writer!). The only thing sad about this is if Booster Gold goes mainstream he won’t be My Special Little Guy anymore and I’ll have to get a new Comfort Obscure DC Hero.


True, but the upside is that he’ll be everyone’s Special Guy.

Just don’t fall into that “Its popular, so now it isn’t cool.” mentality.

If one loves something, love it. No matter if it was unknown and is now popular, or not.

Well, Airwave isn’t lined-up for a TV show or movie anytime soon, so there’s a back-up. :slight_smile:


You are totally right. That was half a joke, I’m working on not being so gatekeepy with things I like


The greatest hero everyone’s heard of! Honestly, he deserves it


He does! Booster is tomorrow’s greatest non-Superman hero…today!


You’re welcome.

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