Booster Gold Casting

There is supposed to be a Blue Beetle movie in production, and news has released that Booster Gold may be in it.

If that is the case, I think Chris Pratt would make an awesome Booster Gold. Comparing the Justice League Action Booster with the Brave and the Bold (Season 1, Episode 17), the character shares commonality with Andy (from Parks and Recs) and Emmet (The Lego Movie).

Who do you think would make a great Booster Gold and why?


Ryan Gosling for the star power but I have a soft spot for James Van Der Beek who’s hysterically funny.

Nathan Filion.

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Honestly I think Chris Pratt is a little too overused in Hollywood right now, not that he wouldn’t be a great Booster. As cool as it would be to see Ryan Gosling play Booster I think he would be an even better Adam Strange. How about Bradly Cooper, he’s got the A list credentials, the charm and the comedic chops to play Booster Gold, then you cast Zack Galifinakis as the voice of skeets…oh man talk about a sure fire hit

I say cast the actor who expressed interest in the character and would be perfect for playing him, Nathan Filian. He would be absolutely fantastic as Booster Gold. As for Blue Beetle, if they’re considering Booster Gold, that means that they’re probably using Yes Kord. As far as casting, I don’t have as strong of an opinion as I do for Booster Gold, but I feel like Christian Bale could be a good fit. He’s a versatile actor, has the look, and is around the right age to play Ted Kord.

I’m one of the biggest Firefly fans there is but I honestly feel like Nathan Fillion has aged out of playing most of the Super hero’s he’d be a natural fit for these day, it’s sad to say. Id love to see him in a pair of tight spandex as much as the next guy but I think at this point in his career I could only see him as somebody older, maybe Alan Scott. That would be perfect for the Star girl series they are making.

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I would vote Armie Hammer. He looks like a dumb lovable pretty face that’d wear a cobalt blue and gold suit.

I’d say Nathan Fillion first and Armie Hammer second. The guy that voiced him on JLU and BTBATB could be good.

How’s about Diedrich Bader (JLA)? Dye his hair blond or pop a wig on him and he could work.

I think Bradley Cooper would be great as Booster Gold, he seem to have a great humor and energy. :smiley: As for Skeet I think Jennifer Garner would be a good choice for the it.

Maybe too late, but Jay Mohr would’ve been a perfect fit. With his stand up comedy background & similar appearance.