Books on DC Super Heroes

Comic Books are pictures and words. There exists books about DC Super Heroes which are solely or mainly words.

This thread will contain informations on three types of books:

  • Non fiction, on history of character
  • Fiction, with DC Super Hero as main character
  • Non fiction on philosophy or psychology of DC character.

This first entry is on two books, on history of Wonder Woman and Dick Grayson.

You will probably be able to get Secret Life of Wonder Woman, by Jill Lepore in a library. Amazon sells the book at around 30 dollars. It is less than 10 through the kindle app. Download is 117.9 mb, because of photos and comic book pages.

Youtube has two videos with Jill Lepore

Book TV, at 11 minutes gives quick overview but stops just when Jill talks about Bondage and Diana.

How Wonder Woman got into Harvard, Radcliffe. Institute, about an hour long. Very entertaining speech by Jill.

The books also covers the publication history of Wonder Woman. The book was published in 2014.

Before you buy any of these books

Download a sample of book for free.
Get to page 1 so can see table of contents
You will get a sample of the book, starting with First chapter. See if you like how author writes.

The other book is Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder. 75 years of Robin, Nightwing and Batman. Again look at toc. Kindle sells it for less 10 dollars.


This entry is on stories about DC Super Heroes.

On the internet, there are many such stories which are free, called fan fiction.

In a Thread in Fan Creation, called Five Great Fan Fiction stories, I described 6 of these stories. It is not that I can’t count, it is that we can’t edit anything. Go there. If you like a story, you can usually find Buttons, or Tabs, called my stories, favorite stories and favorite authors. I had to click on Author name to get a blog. End of blog was these buttons.

If you to spend money, some choices are

Enemies and Allies by Keven J Anderson. Superman meets Batman in 1950s. Both are starting out.

Then there DC Icon Series. Authors are famous, known for young adult novels. Characters. Are young.

Batman Nightwalker by Marie Lu
Wonder Woman Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo
Catwoman SoulSealer by Sarah J Mass

My last entry is books on Philosophy and Psychology for Wonder Woman and Batman. Similar books exist for Superman, Green Lantern, Watchmen, X-Men and other Marvel Super Heroes, but I will not be covering these books.

Remember, before buying any of these books

Locate book in Kindle App
Look at reviews. look at 5 stars and lower scores reviews, as to strength and weaknesses of book
Download sample. It is free.
Go to the front of the book and find Table of Contents. Do chapters interest you?
Read rest of sample. Do you. Like writing system of author?
The books on Philosophy tend to. use particular philosophers, who may not be easy to understand. Hegel is very hard to understand.

There are two books on Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Psychology by Travis Langley
Wonder Woman and. Philosophy Amazonian Mystique by Jacob Held.

The first book has a forward by Trina Robbins and the book has material from family of creator of Wonder Woman. Marston’s theory on Dominance and Submission is explained.
The second covers the new 52 and Batman v Superman

There are two competing series on SuperHeroes in Popular Culture. Both have ‘Best of books’ book, at very low prices.

1.99 Psychology of Superheroes by Jennifer. Carzonem
.99. Superheroes Best of Philosophy and Pop Culture. Chapter 5 is Why doesn’t Batman Kill the Joker. It describes a problem in Ethics , called the Trolley Problem. Google that term. Basically the Trolley Problem asks the question, Can you Kill one person to save many? Or Can you do evil to prevent more evil?

Depending on interest
Becoming Batman by E Paul Zehr may be what member want.
It is thoroughly research,ed. Two appendices describe a timeline, with comic book issue numbers on Batman’s training, plus a description of other books to read. Training, diet, cost of equipment, what injury and age does to Batman’s body.

Other books

Batman and Philosophy. Dark Knight of the Soul by Mark B White
Batman and Psychology Dark and Stormy Knight by Travis. Langley, who did one of the WW books.
Batman Unauthorized, edited by Dennis O’Neil, Batman author and editor.
What’s Whatever Matter with Batman, an Unauthorized Exploration, by Robin S Rosenberg

Our fantastic Autocorrect service changed Batman to Nathan and Kill to Jill.


Unauthorized Batman has a chapter on Batman’s equipment, Batcave and Batmobilile, in a chapter called the cost of Batman.

Becoming Batman is how to become Batman physically.

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I now know how to link to YouTube.

Watch these videos on wonder woman. Forget about the rest

Covers everything in 11 minutes, cuts off at 11 minutes, when author Jill Lepore is talking about why there was so much bondage in early wonder woman comics.

Jill delivers a very entertaining speech in

You can skip the first 13 minutes, who introduces the school, research center and Jill herself

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For Applejack and other Mods

Re Activity for members tread

Re re Behind the Mask activity proposed by Mods

Philosophy and Psychology of Super Heroes covered, mainly Batman and Wonder Woman

Chapter Heading could be Activity Question, like ‘why doesn’t Batman Kill Joker’.

No need to buy books, just ask for. free sample, then go to beginning of sample, with names of Chapter.

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Hey Turok! This is fantastic, and exactly the sort of thing we need. I saw your comment on the Activities thread as well. I’ve made sure to bookmark these for future plannings. Thank you so much!


I just finished reading Batman Nightwalker and I’ve got to say it was a fantastic read I really wish DC would come out with more non graphic novels.

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I’m still looking for an 80s book on Batman’s rogue gallery. Sort of an encyclopedia type thing, but hardcover, large cover, rather graphic.

The only book I can find is

From. Amazon
DC Comics: Super-Villains: The Complete
Visual History
Format Hardcover
$29 66
FREE Shipping
$50-00 Save $20.34 (41%)

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