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Since I created the “Who-Would-Win?” thread, I’ve had it bookmarked. However, every couple of days, it disappears from my bookmarked list and I have to re-bookmark it. I’ve had to do this 6 times already, and it’s starting to get really irritating. Is this a glitch on my part or is this a glitch on your part? Either way, how do I fix it?

Hi @Jurisdiction - Are you marking the “none” option when you bookmark? If you put a timer on it, it will disappear after the timer triggers. Is this the only thread you’re having this issue with?

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I’ve been selecting “no reminder needed”.

This is the only thread that does this.

sorry for the delay btw. I was taking a make-up math test.

Idk if you saw this or not @Barrys.Better.Half

Hey @Jurisdiction, sorry to hear about this. I’ll flag it with the admin team and see if we can do some investigating!

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My apologies, I did NOT see this until now. Thank you @Alec.Holland for handling! :orange_heart:

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