Book Breakdown - The Great Escape is Full of Hope, Dreams and Furies

Scott Free doesn’t know anything about his path, but he’s certain about one part of his future: He needs to get away from Granny Goodness and her Furies, and heading to Earth seems like as good of an escape plan as any. He’s not alone in his wish to leave Apokolips, but there are only so many spots in his plan for the other people he’d love to save.

Although Scott would love for everyone to call him Mister Miracle, he hasn’t quite lived up to the name (yet) and this next escape will be his greatest test…especially when love gets factored into it, too.

Read more about Scott and the people in his life in DC’s latest YA graphic novel, Mister Miracle: The Great Escape, written by Varian Johnson and featuring art by Daniel Isles. As for whether this escape is for you, read on as we break this Apokoliptian adventure down!

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Looking forward this, as Mister Miracle (regardless of who is under the mask) is one of my favorite Fourth World characters.