Bonus DC Daily Episode

What did people think about a DC Daily episode being shown on SATURDAY?

As long as they still show something on Monday, since they didn’t mention the show being done until 2019, then I am absolutely grateful for the extra episode.


Didn’t know that! Thanks.:slightly_smiling_face:

I watch the episode, it’s great to hear their point of view on the final episode of Titans season 1. I would agree if they bring back Donna Troy, In my opinion I hope they make both her a cast member and without spoiling, a person we saw after credit! :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn’t know there was one but will check it out in a bit

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I really hope there is more Donna Troy as well @Reaganfan78, but I hope she doesn’t drop f-bombs off as much as she did.

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I hope they show episode 12 of Titans as a surprise. They just sorta changed their mind on it for some reason and I am not sure why? Maybe it is being held back for the premiere on Netflix? Because your gonna have alot of angry internation viewers wonder what in the world happened to the 13 episodes that were originally promised.

I think they mentioned this was the last Titans recap episode. They won’t do it on Monday like usual because they’re supposed to be having a Titans reunion show right? Didn’t they mention the reunion show last week?


Which then means… BONUS episode.

Applejack advised us during the After Titans Chat on Discord to be sure to watch DC Daily Monday. Maybe they posted the episode Saturday?

The Saturday episode was for the Titans finale discussion because the Monday DC Daily episode will be focused on the members of Titans which was sneak peaked or hinted at in the Friday, 12/21 DC Daily episode.

I was wrong about the date. Not Friday 12/21, but Wednesday they discussed it.