Bombshells car line

Just wondering if anyone else has checked these out ? I got Harley of course but will probably pickup some of the others too !


I haven’t seen them in person yet. I’ve seen reviews on YouTube and they’re in stock at BigBadToyStore last I looked.

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how expensive?

They are not cheap but the car seems heavy ( I’m keeping it in the box as much as I wanna take it out ) I paid around $30 on Amazon for it. Definitely want the poison ivy one too.

Oh yes, the Poison Ivy one appears to be quite choice. @Haru, Big Bad Toy Store had them for $24.99.

Jada Toys (the maker of these) also has alot of other DC product available. They make small metal figures (they’re only $1 and awesome), five, ten and twenty packs of the figures, a Batcave playset and lots of Batmobiles in varying scales, including a new BTAS Batmobile that comes with a Batman figure.


Neato. I will be buying one later.

Just ordered to Ivy one on Amazon