Hoping we’ll see BluePulse happen in the new season of Young Justice.



Oh no, Wonder Woman and Donna Troy talk to one another. They must be lovers.

When you try to find explicit sexual content, you’ll find a way to see something, but Impulse is into chicks and Blue Beetle has a girlfriend in the comics, so they are both heterosexual.


Not necessarily true… they could still be bi.
I think they would be cute together.

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They could be but most likely aren’t. I don’t see it and a moment like that means nothing

Well I REALLY hope to see Bluepulse in season 3 because 1). It’s my Young Justice otp and 2). I love seeing LGBTQ+ characters in TV shows, movie, books ect. Also 1 of the people who works on the show did say that their is/was lgbtq character(s) on the show. Also theirs so many moments w/ them that could make some people think that at least 1 of them likes the other. For example: when Impulse goes to Blue Bettle’s house. And also how some what close they become as the series goes on. I mean like I know that it’s so that way Blue Bettle doesn’t turn evil, but Blue Bettle and Impulse become close enough to hang out outside of the team willingly. (ps sorry if I spelt something wrong)

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I wouldn’t rule it out just because it’s not a thing in the comics. YJ is its own universe. It has a thriving population on Mars. Things are different here.

Also, Donna Troy is Wonder Woman’s sister. Please do not equate queerness with incest.