Hoping we’ll see BluePulse happen in the new season of Young Justice.



Not necessarily true… they could still be bi.
I think they would be cute together.

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They could be but most likely aren’t. I don’t see it and a moment like that means nothing

Well I REALLY hope to see Bluepulse in season 3 because 1). It’s my Young Justice otp and 2). I love seeing LGBTQ+ characters in TV shows, movie, books ect. Also 1 of the people who works on the show did say that their is/was lgbtq character(s) on the show. Also theirs so many moments w/ them that could make some people think that at least 1 of them likes the other. For example: when Impulse goes to Blue Bettle’s house. And also how some what close they become as the series goes on. I mean like I know that it’s so that way Blue Bettle doesn’t turn evil, but Blue Bettle and Impulse become close enough to hang out outside of the team willingly. (ps sorry if I spelt something wrong)

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I wouldn’t rule it out just because it’s not a thing in the comics. YJ is its own universe. It has a thriving population on Mars. Things are different here.

Also, Donna Troy is Wonder Woman’s sister. Please do not equate queerness with incest.