Blue Devil in Swamp Thing

I loved the Ian Ziering Blue Devil Easter Egg from last weeks episode. I wonder if this is just an Easter Egg or do you think DC is considering developing the character into a guest star or even more??


Very happy with his appearance. Can you pull off BD on a tv show budget?

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Honestly BD’s best bet would be part of an ensemble. He could guest star/part time in DP or Titans.


I’m pulling for their own take on Justice League: Dark with Swamp Thing, Blue Devil, Madame Xanadu, and maybe one or two other characters. Would sure be a fun show.


@YoYoFroYo That would be great


Tots Agree @YoYoFro
This is what we want! A bit more please! Bring in Constantine too!


I’m all for a JLD Dark show. In addition to the already suggested characters, I’d also like to see Detective Chimp and Etrigan on the team.

Just imagine the practical effects for Etrigan and how cool he would look.


Edit: I’m for a Justice League Dark show. Not a Justice League Dark Dark show as my typo may suggest.


Blue Devil is my favorite character of all time and that poster was an embarrassment. Even the character being a washed up video store owner was bad. But…that poster is freaking terrible. They make the Swamp Thing look great, the show itself is fantastic and that’s what they do to Blue Devil? What a disappointment. I’m guessing in this version he’s so disappointed in being washed up he sells his soul and becomes Blue Devil…because god forbid you just use the real origin story. Please fix this DC. Promise me he doesn’t look like the poster when he becomes Blue Devil at least.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Etrigan and Detective Chimp pleeeease! That would be an awesome JLD lineup!