Blue Beetles Series 2006 is Great

Just finished all the issues of the 2006 version of 2006.

The whole series is great, but the first arc by Keith Griffin is among the best I ever read.

The series also is given a chance to end too and does it very well

I recommend it highly

Link to a review


Yes! This book is awesome! Jaime Reyes is an amazing character (I love that his deepest desire is to become a dentist so he can support his family), and Cully Hamner’s art in the early part of the run is gorgeous. Highly recommended.

Thanks for bringing this to more people’s attention, Turok!

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They continued as backups to Booster Gold.

I liked how everything that happened in the first 20 issues led /taught Jamie to fight the Reach during in run up to issue #25.

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