Blue Beetle

Sooo any fans of blue beetle and wondering where the heck he is?


In what regard? Comics or Television? In the Young Justice S3:E12 episode where Beast Boy puts on the Goode Goggles… It appears Ted Kord has been Blue Beetle and has died.

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He is everywhere brother, you just have to open your eyes :wink:


Which one?

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Right which one? there are four Beetles…

Dan, Ted, Jamie… and Ringo.

Couldn’t resist.

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There is only one Egyptian scarab though. The wearer isn’t the hero, the hero is actually the bug. Without the bug, the person is nothing and it’s a bit different from a lantern wearing a ring since the beetle is alive. It’s closer to Dr. Fate’s helmet.

I’m guessing this is the logic that the OP was approaching from, it’s not wrong :slight_smile:

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I’m a big fan!

Jamie Reyes is the best

Huge fan of all things Blue Beetle but Ted Kord is my favorite.


Jamie Reyes is my favorite

Just took the time to reread the first six issues of Jaime’s first solo series and it’s just as good as I remembered. I was disappointed with his New 52 and Rebirth books (although I did like that the latter had him teamed up with Ted Kord), but that 2006 series was exceptional.

Which Blue Beetle?