Blue Beetle Movie Coming Soon

DC and Warner Bros. are working on a stand-alone Blue Beetle film, with Latino comic book character Jaime Reyes as the chosen incarnation of the title hero. What’s your thoughts on this?
Can’t Wait


This rules :metal:t2::metal:t2:. Using Jaime as the live action Blue Beetle is perfect. The DC Film universe should have white, black, latino, male, female, etc, etc. Very nice play on DCs part​:+1:t2:. Cant wait!!


Lots of happy thoughts

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I nominate Black Beetle for the villain and Kevin Grevioux to play him.

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They said jaime will be latino

Now we just need a booster gold movie

There is money in diversity and to be honest he is a fan favorite so I’m down.

Would love to see an actor from New Mexico, but since he live in Texas that would make more sense.

That actor can be from anywhere lol

I forget his name but if they don’t cast the kid who plays the main character in Cobra Kai, they’re crazy.


That’s a great choice!

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I love that choice TheDemonEtrigan. And I love they are making this move, won’t lie Ted Kord is my favorite Blue Beetle but Jaime is a great character too, and it is awesome a “replacement” character like that has caught on so much. Hope to have a Booster Gold movie someday and maybe, dare a dream, a Blue and Gold Movie after that. But this is more then enough to keep me happy for now, and Jaime is a perfect character to help with the lighter tone the DCU seems to be wanting to, and should, go for.

Big fan of everything Blue Beetle. Even all the way back to Dan Garrett originally finding the scarab. I plug this toon constantly, but Batman the brave & the bold has a lot of episodes involving origins of every Beetle.

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Any speculative thoughts on how it will tie in to the greater DCEU?

I hope it is connected but it could end up being a black label flim like the joaquin phoenix Joker movie

Whose the bad guy?

Ive always loved DC, but when I was a kid there wasnt really any mexican superheros. When I saw Blue Bettle on Batman the Brave and the Bold I lost my shit. So hyped for this movie, love Reyez!!!

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As a hispanic kid, I had reruns of the old Zorro tv show on Disney, Zorro: New World and the Anotonio Banderas films. Plus Kyle Rayner Green Lantern in comics

I’m 33yo now and am big on Jaime Reyes. Not just because he’s latino and represents them but he’s actually a good character with an interesting story



I understand that. I started loving Huntress b/c I’m Italian & she turned into one of my favorites. The Jaime Reyes version of Beetle is great. I love how he’s constantly arguing with his own scarab/armor on who’s calling the shots. Much love for Dan Garret & Ted Kord, but Jamie is 1 of the few characters whom I like the 3rd incarnation of better than the earlier ones. I know Garret was fox comics & Kord was the 1st official DC Beetle, but I figured if I didn’t mention him somebody would get their scarab in a bundle or drop their vitamins if your Garret.

“scarab in a bundle or drop their vitamins”. Heh heh, that’s funny :wink: