Blue Beetle in Development for HBO MAX?

It seems that we were sold a platform for original DC content, but DC is still developing most of its content for other platforms. This is starting to feel a little fraudulent.


I remember almost 10 years ago when Alex Winter was developing a Blue Beetle show that never came to be.

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Honestly, as conflicted as I am about HBOMax and DC Universe, I’m just glad and crossing my fingers that Blue Beetle gets something actually made


I’m a little confused by your statement. When the service was launched, it never said it was going to be responsible for every new DC show to come out in the future.

The shows we have here which were advertised to be here have not only been developed but delivered by DC Universe.

DC is owned by Warner Bros who have licensing agreements with other platforms. Those agreements help pay for things like DC Universe. HBO Max is also a partner with DC Universe which means HBO will pay for the show and it won’t fall into the money issues Swamp Thing had.

I just don’t see the point in getting bent out of shape for a show that’s not even out yet. What we should be focusing on is how cool it is we’ll get a Blue Beetle show at all.


I just hope DC Universe is here to stay and not get dissolved after this HBO max is out for a while.

We haven’t heard anything indicating otherwise :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not going to be super hyped until I see something more concrete, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to a Blue Beetle show. :slight_smile:


Disney isn’t developing Marvel shows for anything other than Disney+. This shouldn’t be any different.

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@alexsllord.22986 That’s not entirely true.

Honestly I think this platform should merge into one place similar to Disney plus rather than divide up into so many pieces. Now it could mean this platform takes on all the other DC shows and movies etc or they sell to Netflix or Hulu so we can find everything.

If they sell to Netflix you won’t get Batwoman or any new DC shows that premiered this season and beyond. Hulu is owned by Disney, so really doubt that is gonna happen.

HBOMAX developing content makes sense, they have over 75 million subscribers. I doubt DC Universe is anywhere close to that. They can afford to develop more shows and give shows the budgets they need. Without an international distribution deal, a show’s not getting picked up for a second season. Look at Swamp Thing. There was no peep of Doom Patrol getting picked up for a season 2, until it got partnered up with HBOMAX, who I’d guess is picking up some (most) of the production costs.

Also, I’d wager Disney+ probably already has more subscribers than DCU and they kinda have to develop for Disney+ because their Marvel Unlimited service has zero tv/film content. Oh, and MU is more expensive than DCU as well.


Thank you for being the voice of reason @DeSade-acolyte


So then why not sell the streaming rights/ make a partnership to HBO to push out more and better shows, movies etc

Perhaps they will, or perhaps WB will make HBOMAX DC programming available here as well. Doom Patrol season 2 could indeed a test case for such a partnership. The fact that beyond GL & Strange Adventures being announced for HBOMAX, no other HBOMAX DC programming has been announced as being in production.

A show “in development” doesn’t mean it’s actually going to make production. Most tv/film projects never get out of the development phase and “die on the vine”. As was stated earlier, Blue Bettle has been “in development” before. When it is announced and in production, then I believe it’s coming.

As a historical note, Batman 89 was “in development” for a decade before it actually went into production and Uslan was seriously dedicated to making that happen. And we are talking about Batman. A much better known property than Blue Beetle.


John Rogers, one of the guys who co-created the Jaime Reyes character, is also a TV writer. If he hasn’t been approached about this, a golden opportunity is being missed.


Regardless of what it may or may not mean for HBO MAX. I am excited to see a Blue Beetle series might finally come to pass. Blue Beetle and Green Lantern both getting a series in the near future. Can’t not get excited about that.

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Godbless you

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Being a devout atheist I doubt that’s gonna happen. (I’m such a pagan I don’t even celebrate pagan holidays)

But thank you for the kind words.

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