Blue Beetle Debut Trailer--Official Discussion Thread

The debut trailer for Blue Beetle is officially out! Are you ready to join Jaime Reyes on August 18?

The first official trailer for DC’s upcoming Blue Beetle released this morning, and Blue Beetle fans all around the world are getting excited for Jaime Reyes’ long-awaited arrival on the big screen. Join Jaime as he takes on the mantle of Blue Beetle, after discovering a mysterious Scarab-shaped object. In case you missed it, check out the brand new trailer below!

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What did you think of the new Blue Beetle trailer? Let us know in the thread below, and get excited for the movie to drop on August 18!


The drama looks good and the comedy looks bad. Action looks good.


The sequence of the beetle grafting onto Jaime was exactly how I pictured it all going down :joy: Can’t wait to see that in action! The humor seems pretty spot-on for his entire origin story too. I laughed a lot during Shazam 2 and I know I will for BB in August as well!


Supposedly this movie’s budget is 120 million. That means an even 300 million worldwide is probably what it means. Supposedly the lead actor is popular in Brazil, and Brazil and Mexico are some of the only countries lately where superhero movies are not underperforming.


Ugh yeees a Blue Beetle movie!!! This is exactly what I’ve been neeeeeeeding


Xolo Maridueña is popular in a lot more places than Brazil! He was most notably in the massive Netflix show Cobra Kai. Very stoked to see him take on the mantle of Blue Beetle–the casting of his family is fantastic as well! Love seeing the Latin representation on screen :clap:


I like both BB’s. It looks like it could be fun. Looking forward to seeing what all they do with the tech side and how they will show it all with the vfx.
Man I have a hard time trying to type something simple LOL.


Dan Garrett and Ted Kord costumes!!!


@MatthewHecht Batman is a fascist :laughing:


I suggest closing your mouth Kind sir. Robin is about to slingshot a kryptonite rock right into it.


Looks great – definitely has the spirit and vibe of the comics, and the action and creativity with Jaime’s weapons looks sick – don’t think I didn’t notice that little Buster Sword nod at the end! :smiley:

The only downside I think with the trailer is that I feel like the audio mix in this wasn’t great. Like I had to turn on subtitles just to understand some of the lines, and I can’t think of any other trailer that I had to do that for.


I think I preferred the Young Justice version of Khaji Dha’s “voice”. reminds me too much of
my Google Home.

But the movie looks great!


Yeah, I think this is a big thing that a lot of the whole “this movie gonna bomb” crowd isn’t thinking about. This is the first Latin superhero getting his own live action, theatrical movie, and I think if they market it right, that can bring a lot of butts to seats. I don’t know if it will make Black Panther numbers, but I don’t think it’s impossible to see it make Shang-Chi numbers.


Yeah, the voice did feel a little too “Alexa,” but it’s not a dealbreaker by any means. I did get a little chuckle out of it’s “Nice choice” after Jaime makes his Buster Sword at the end. :smiley:


Agreed! And the movie is directed by a Puerto Rican director–so the representation is strong from the ground-up. I’m so stoked!


@Jay_Kay I really hope it does well. Superhero movies have see this unfortunate trend where they are actually underperforming as of late. Lets hope Blue Beetle breaks that cycle because I can’t see myself going through the same emotions I felt after seeing Shazam tank. :disappointed_relieved:


Looks fun! Cool seeing Ted’s suit on display in the background



Blue Iron man! Wow this look really awesome! Now that Blue Beetle suit is way better then Smallville, can’t wait to see it!:smiley:


Looks amazing, the bit we see of him fighting in the hallway was sick and that final shot with the sword requires no explanation. The tokusatsu vibes made that so much cooler. I also noticed the older suits in the background, so I hope we get some flashback scenes with those but ehhh wishful thinking. Either way can’t wait.