The titanic debate of all time…which do you prefer in the universe of DC COMCS? Give us some examples to prove your point!


For a good friend, I would like, Dr. Victoria October, from Detective Comics, a smart, funny, not young woman, who understands her personality and problems did not change when her circumstances changed. I like her name, her hairstyle, her cane, her clothes, and her smart ass attitude, always caring while always telling her truth to the power that exist, even Batman.

Of the two ladies in the tags. I prefer the Huntress of Earth two, Helena Wayne. She is very competent, the result of her father, Bruce Wayne, doing things like throwing her out of an airplane, in the middle of the ocean, to fend for herself. When she was created in the seventies, her creator, Paul Levitz, gave her birth year as 1957, which makes her age appropriate to me. She was killed in the Crisis but was Power Girl’s partner in New 52 Worlds Finest.

Within those two options, blondes.

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Always brunettes, Donna Troy!


I think it depends on the character, as in real life most people know which they prefer. My ex girlfriends have always been both.

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I like Blonds but I’ve always had better luck with Brunettes