Blockbuster Storylines for Summer Reading (on DCU)

So, the summer blockbuster movie season has begun, and I wondered that since we all know that comics can do big, loud, bombastic entertainment just as good if not better than anything in theaters, I figured I would ask the good folks here in DC Universe the following question:

What big ‘blockbuster’ storylines would you recommend for a summer read on DC Universe?

My pick this Summer is The Great Darkness Saga, a major pre-Crisis storyline from the Levitz/Giffen-era Legion run. It’s not really a recommendation (haven’t read it yet), but it should be fun. It’s a “let’s gather every hero we can call upon to fight a Big Bad Lad and his armies!” storyline that not only pre-dates COIE but also Infinity Gauntlet (you know, that storyline from the distinguished competition that was the basis for a couple small movies).

How about you guys?


A good starting point for summer badassery:

-Our Worlds at War, from the Superman books in the early 00’s (begins in Superman v2 #171 I believe)

-Flashpoint and all of its tie-ins

-The Darkseid War from New 52 Justice League (issues 40-50 and The Darkseid War Special)


Alright, I feel like a broken record always recommending Crisis on Infinite Earths for everything, so I’ll choose something a little different: Legends. It’s the follow-up to the Crisis that properly began the Post-Crisis universe, and it’s pretty exciting. In particular, it kicked off the Post-Crisis Suicide Squad and Justice League International series. I particularly recommend it if you’re a fan of the New Gods or the Phantom Stranger (especially the Secret Origins tie-in issue for the latter).


Can someone start a thread for upcoming trade paperbacks and reprints?

Kingdom Come


Blackest Night

I think those are pretty blockbuster and epic scale type stories. At least with Flashpoint you can watch the excellent movie after you read.

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Teen Titans; The Judas Contract

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Dark Nights Metal is a easier to read Blockbuster event tying in parts of the world like Sandman that never get teased.