Bleeding Cool reveals some Batman Family updates coming in 2021 (SPOILERS FOR 2021)

Bleeding Cool is releasing a series of articles titled 2021 spoilers. This will be updated as BC releases new things.

Spoiler 1:
Bane and Batman team up, After an 85 issue fight between Bane and Batman, Batman is forced to team up after Bane and the Joker go to war. The enemy of my enemy…

Spoiler 2:
Cassandra Cain will become the new Batgirl! And Stephanie Brown will get a new look.

Spoiler 3:
Poison Ivy is allowed to be queer following the editorial layoffs. However, this change will be shown by a name change as Poison Ivy will become Queen Ivy, and have a major plotline outside the main Batman book.

Overall, all three changes seem interesting and exciting.


Spoiler 4:
Catwoman will get back the Wayne fortune, but Lucius Fox will own it NOT Bruce Wayne, so Wayne will be operating under someone else’s money.


As per Spoiler 2, I try to be as grown up as humanly possible. There are more important things in the world than comic books, and I know, even granted the relative anonymity that the internet provides, I must conduct myself with the decorum and deportment required of polite company.



That’s definitely good to see about Ivy, though I also feel like it may ring hollow if she’s not allowed to be romantic w/ Harley again. Obviously Ivy’s character should be developed further outside of that relationship, but we’ve been missing it for a while now and it would be so great to see it restored in the comics, especially w/ Harlivy enjoying a lot of renewed popularity since the animated series

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I just want to know what’s happening to Barbara. I don’t care about any of the other “Batgirls” one way or the other. Just tell me Babs will still have a solo comic. Her comic sold well. I gotta believe she’ll have something going on.

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Seems the spoilers are coming very slowly…

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Spoiler 1 – That seems rather excessive, since we already had big arcs for both characters. Let them both rest for a while and focus on something new.

Spoiler 2 – I like Cass, I would like her to have a better focus, but like @nu52 said, I hope they don’t throw Barbara out for it.

Spoiler 3 – …Poison Ivy hasn’t been allowed to be queer? She’s had a relationship with Harley for several years in the comics. Also, that new name is terrible.

Spoiler 4 – I think it was pretty obvious that Selina would get the fortune back, though I’m not sure what the point would be of Lucius having it. How does that really change the dynamic we already have?

I dunno, I mean some of it could be interesting, but without any context, this all seems rather “eh” at best.

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The awesome: Cassandra Cain once more donning the Batgirl moniker.

The bad: Queen Ivy. What exactly was wrong with “Poison Ivy” as a name? Oh, right: nothing. I’m hoping this is just a rumor.

Harley and Ivy haven’t been allowed to be in a romantic relationship in comics for the last few years. Sam Humphries wasn’t allowed to include Ivy in his run on Harley Quinn, and in Harley Quinn and Ivy, their relationship was reduced significantly. This is part of why the HQ:TAS was such a big deal.

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