BlackSpider or Black SpiderMan

Black Spider=SpiderMan with southern accent
Dc is going to get sued

Good luck with that lol


Maybe while DC and Marvel talk that over, DC can ask a few questions about where the idea for Deadpool came from…

The YJ version of Black Spider probably resembles Spider-Man so much as a reference to Weisman’s work on the awesome Spectacular Spider-Man tv series. At least that’s what I’ve always thought.

Every insect-themed superhero owes a debt to MLJ’s The Fly and The Web from the 1940s anyway.


Not really, since Black Spider is a character that’s been around for decades. Nothing’s been said so far.


And Marvel basically ripped off and twisted around Deathstroke to make Deadpool (aka Slade Wilson and Wade Wilson). This isn’t new, Marvel and DC have been doing this for a while. If anything, my first thought at Black Spider was personality-wise he seemed more like Deadpool than Spiderman.

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