Blackest Night

I have been reading Green Lantern by Geoff Jones.

I am now up to Blackest Night

There is some mention of it having maybe 79 parts.

I also have Blackest Night Graphic novel

Should I read the novel first, then Green Lantern, or visa versa?

Should I be reading any other parts of Black Night that is critical?

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Its sprt of hard to say as I recall them kind of going in and out of each other. You definitely don’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) read any of the tie ins outside of GL and GL Corps)

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I would say read the core book, followed by GL, followed by GL Corps


Yeah, I’d say that outside of GL and GLC, I’d recommend only picking up tie-ins in you’re interested in the character and read stuff about them before. Like, if you enjoyed the first Rucka run of Wonder Woman, give that mini a shot, because it connects to that run.

If you haven’t yet I would check Comic Book Herald. He usually puts up pretty good reading orders.

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Thanks for the tip about Comic Book Herald.

I am going to spend a lot of time looking over this site.

I suggest you create a thread, maybe in suggestion?, where you can tell the members, Applejack and the other Mods know about this site.

Maybe they can create a permanent thread in a Resources Form, when our community forums are updated.

If we could limit all the

-,what to read

  • where did that go
  • when do we get this, when already announced
  • what platforms exists, and what planned
  • Snyder cut of JL

Threads, By Mods creating a questions community asked section in the forum, which only Mods can update. The Forum would be less crowded, and more fun.

Thanks again.

Read them all one of my favorite crossover events…

I’d agree with reading all, but I’d read Blackest Night asap. I read it b4 the tie-ins, & it’s easily one of the best stand alone titles ever, imho.

Changed my mind. Read it all on here. Been a while. I’d read it all for sure. It’s so good.