Blackest Night

If DCU wants to run with Marvel at the box office, I would like to see the DCU movies to arc towards “Blackest Night” like Marvel did with “Infinity War”. It would be a great way to introduce a lot of characters such as Red Lantern Corps and more.


A big problem with that is that WB dosent want to bank too much on a Green lantern expanded universe except maybe one stand alone movie. I love Green lantern and the blackest night story line and would love to see it come to life on the big screen but it probably will never happen

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They’d have to get on top of their game first before attempting to approach Green Lantern again. Start over from the top, and introduce the other corps in other movies (which would be long by itself), then they can think of blackest night.

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I could rant for ages (and have) about how uncool it is that other movie properties get rebooted very quickly, while Warner Bros seems terrified to even be associated with Green Lantern.

But if the DC movies ever do decide to play in a shared universe again, I’d LOVE to see a proper Blackest Night film. More like Captain America: Civil War, where it’s clearly an Avengers movie, but the main focus is on Cap. If we could get all the DC characters back for Blackest Night after 2 or 3 Justice League films, that would be :ok_hand: Perfection!


I’m all for a BLACKEST NIGHT extended narrative run theatrically, but I’m sure DC would be expected to "lighten " it up. Maybe features produced exclusively for DC Universe would allow for the full chaos to reign.

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I think they should do first Sinestro Corps War and incorporate or reeimagine it so they can fit the introduction of the other corps.


If the GLC movie is a financial success (which we’re all pretty confident it will be) I believe the guys over at WB will consider following the story arc. People love space operas with great characters.


I’d prefer a Sinestro Corps War movie first.


@Vroom: For sure! Can’t do the Blackest Night off the bat because that’s the grand finale.

I certainly wouldn’t mind that.

I think with what they have set up so far, I think they could do so he more with an Injustice League, maybe even leading up to something like Forever Evil.

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I support this idea.

Enter the War of Light with John just getting into the Corps, Hal I a professional, and guy is the hardheaded man with a big gun.