Blackest Night /Green ArrowAnimated Movies

For the shared animated universe I would love to see both Blackest Night and a Green Arrow movie.


I totally agree. The Blackest night storyline would be an incredible animated movie. As for Green Arrow he definitely needs more screentime.

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I’m honestly surprised DC hasn’t done a Blackest Night animated movie.


What green arrow story? Year one maybe?

I really think they should start a blackest night storyline and build up to it in the movies. It would be a good way for them to kill off the people they don’t want to keep anymore.

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Sinestro Corp War first.
Then The War of Light.
Then Blackest Night.

That’s the only way to do it; bring back all the characters who died in the first two movies and allow those returns to have any impact. Otherwise it’ll be a bunch of random Black Lanterns like Air Wave.

This trilogy would be amazing. Where’s the GoFundMe for this?

Move this to other media.