Black Manta is a Fantastic Father!!

Say what you want about Black Manta but he is a fantastic father!! We need more black dads like this represented in comics!!!

Black Manta: Congratulations, Kaldur’ahm. You had quite a day. Capturing the Atlantean, killing a former teammate, destroying the com-sat.

Kaldur’ahm: My crew did not destroy the com-sat, Father. It’s rocket must have malfunctioned. Our victory was mere luck.

Black Manta: I don’t believe in luck. Which is why I arranged to have a bomb with an altitude sensors smuggled onto the com-sat rocket days ago. This was your final test. To see if you would take credit for what you have not accomplished.

Kaldur’ahm: And what if I have succeeded?

Black Manta: Then another test would have awaited. For it is not in success where true character is revealed, but in failure. I’m quite proud of you, my boy. You’re ready for the next level.

Young Justice is a fuckiing great show!!!

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I’ve never seen any Aquaman stuff other than YJ and the new movie, but I was really impressed with Black Manta. I felt for him.

Father to the Aqua Lad in Young Justice!