Black Lightning

Just couldn’t help but notice thatbwhike is a lot of talk about the CW shows/Arrowverse, there seems to be little talk about Black Lightning, so I thought I’d make this thread just to see what everyone’s thoughts on the series are. Enjoy!

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Black Lightning is a heavy show that doesn’t lend itself to casual conversation. Their is a lot of social commentary on Black Lightning that some people may not be comfortable talking about. I love the show, probably my 2nd favorite CW show after Legends, whomever is the big bad for the next season may lead me to the forums to praise or complain about the choice, especially if Tobias Whale escapes.

I think the second season had some amazing characters and story beats, but its biggest issue was the pacing.

Tobias is the best character on the show. While everyone is super serious, he’s having a blast chewing the scenery.

Hopefully the third season irons out some of the kinks and we get something really special.

I think that BL not ever being an explicit part of CWVerse doesn’t help either. I hope that it gets some representation I. COIE and is officially added to CWVERSE canon next season.

^ Don’t hold your breath for that happening.

The Akils - the creators/showrunners of Black Lightning - have zero interest in the series existing as anything other than a standalone product that is allowed to do its own thing, and their stance is not likely to change.

I think it is the best show on CW right now. I do wish it had a connection to the arrowverse and it also bugs me a little that he has to rely on his suit for his powers, but it is a very solid show. Yes, there is social commentary, but I feel it adds to the story and does not detract from it or feel forced.

I like Black Lightning, but I think one of the reasons it’s not talked about as much as the Arrowverse shows is because it’s not connected to them and right now the Arrowverse hype train is running full steam thanks to anticipation for next year’s crossover event.

It would be great to see Jefferson show up in Crisis, but it seems unlikely since the showrunners want Black Lightning be independent of the other shows so they don’t have to pause their story to work in crossover events. So for now, the Gambi dry cleaning vans in Central City are the closest we’ll get to having a Black Lightning crossover. The vans are a reference to Paul Gambi who in the comics was the tailor for the Rogues and the brother of Peter Gambi.