Black lightning

Is anyone watching?

I enjoyed the first season and felt the second season was good but suffered from pacing problems. The third season seems to echo that, but there’s some good storyline stuff going on. I’m trying to hang on, but I’ll admit, sometimes it’s a chore.

Fingers crossed they get back on track because this is a good show.

I’ve been watching since the beginning. the first season definitely set the bar. Season 2 dragged somewhat. Season 3 not so much. It’s good soap!

I’m watching regularly along w/ all the other CW shows. I really like how there’s a stronger level of interconnectedness between the seasons that some of other shows don’t quite have. The problems of Green Light and unstable metahumans have loomed over the whole show, and it’s fascinating to see those elements woven into all the social commentary. I think it’s been remarkably consistent, if a bit hard to follow at times, and I can’t wait to see Jefferson finally cross over w/ the rest of the Arrowverse in Crisis next week

I thought Season 1 was pretty good (although I did skip some unnecessary moments), but I stopped after Syonide died.
It’s awesome that an episode will tie-in with Crisis, almost making it a 6 episode crossover event.

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I couldn’t believe when she died. It seemed like she would stay at the side of Tobias for a while. She went out on a good fight, though.

I just watched a clip to review. She was the better fighter, but got haughty to the point of dying by a stupid knife-heeled shoe throw. She deserved a better death. Here is the link (a little fast paced, but the best quality): YouTube

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