Black Lightning Season 2 is on Netflix!!!

I’m already 6 episodes and the wait was well worth it. It takes a more political but just as exciting and new for the TV realm as the first. The first was novel for showing a superhero after he retired. This season is novel because it is more political and intense than any superhero show has maybe ever been while focusing on hat matters most ITS CHARACTERS!

Season 2 Episodes 1-16 are available now on Netflix and hopefully they will come to DCU along with the Time Warner Streaming Service. (Maybe More news Tomorrow (Fingers crossed emoji my keyboard doesn’t have))


Great I’ve missed half of season 2. When does Flash & Arrow drop on Netflix?

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The rest of the CW DC shows’ current seasons will debut on Netflix a few days (I don’t remember the exact # of days) after their season finales air.


Binging now

Does anyone know if DCU is ever getting the Arrowverse shows? I bailed on Netflix after the last price hike, especially with Disney pulling out. No more Marvel on NF? No more of my money. It would be pretty baller though, if DCU got the OK to stream those shows, I’ve fallen WAY behind…!