Black Lightning on Blu-ray

It’s time for WB to release Black Lightning season 2 and 3 on blu-ray and digital format. All the other CW shows are represented, but for some reason this has not been. They could use a black superhero that faces the same troubles other African Americans face daily. I don’t understand why this has not been done yet.


I didn’t even realize they hadn’t done S2&3 until I saw an article about it the other night. The only Arrowverse show I’ve bought on Bluray is Arrow, but I would definitely pick up all of Black Lightning.


I have the first season on blu-ray and would love to own season 2 and 3 the same way. I love all the CW DC shows, but that one really stuck with me. Especially since I got to meet the cast and view the first episode at a premiere type thing in Washington DC.


I wish they’d at least consider MOD BluRay sets of Seasons 2 & 3.

The producers really stepped up their game in the back half of Season 3, from the pseudo-prologue episode of Crisis straight on until the finale. That arc alone deserves the BluRay treatment.

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I can understand not having physical copies with sales being so low these days, but I can’t begin to understand why there wouldn’t be a digital option.

I guess they figure people who are happy with digital only probably have Netflix where it’s currently available.


Black Lightning S2/S3 are available for purchase on Amazon Prime video.

Not having a Blu-ray is weird. Did S1 sell an overwhelming majority in another format or seem to get Netflix hits that offset expected purchases?

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