Black Lightning and Crisis

Ok since Crisis ended, Black Lightning is on Earth Prime with the other heroes, right? And Central City is full of Metas due to the various explosions that have created them.
So why is Markovia so focused on Freeland and their unstable metas? There are plenty of stable ones on this Earth now that weren’t there before. You would think they would ask for assistance from Team Flash with their knowledge to help with their situation.
It still seems like Black Lightning still exists in its own world which is fine but confusing if supposed to be on one earth.

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It’s less about the metas and more about the meta stabilization cure that Lynn created. Freeland and Markovia each have plenty of metas, but unlike the ones in Central City, many of them can’t use their full abilities w/out the cure. I’m not sure what it is about those metas that make them less stable than the ones on The Flash, especially since they’re now on the same earth, but I still feel like there’s enough of an explained distinction to not be too confusing


@arkhamassassin you make a valid point.
I wasn’t looking at it from the perspective that these metas were created artificially and are not as stable as the other metas on thisEarth. Maybe the dark matter stabilized the other metas more than the ones on this show. Ok I can see how it is now a fight to stabilize the metas and not the metas themselves. They were created differently. I guess my confusion was based on all these shows using the term meta but there are differences. Thanks!

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we also don’t know where freeland is with respect to Central city or Markovia.

No problem! Yeah, it seems evident that green light is a hell of a lot less stable than dark matter. I wouldn’t have necessarily thought that at first considering how many problems dark matter has caused for Team Flash over the years, but we’re also talking about a man-made drug compared to a force of science

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