Black Green Lantern

So who is the black Green lantern, specifically from the animated shows I wanna say it was JLA but I was a kid and only watched it after Pokemon TBH.

I wanna say it was Hal but then again they always used hero names.

So beyond that who in your opinion is better? When I was like 13 I was already a fan of Ryan renolds but was actually disappointed he was green lantern because I figured that some other actor at the time would be better.


I believe the show you are referring to to is just titled Justice League (and it’s available in the TV show section of DCU) The Green Lantern in that show was John Stewart. There are many different Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan is arguably the most popular, as a child of the 90s Kyle Rayner has always been my favorite although in recent years theyve introduced a Lantern named Jessica Cruz who I really dig.


The black GL from Justice League and Justice League Unlimited was John Stewart. He might have it spelled Jon. That other guy was right basically. I don’t remember the year though so look it up or listen to the first person said. He or she sounded on point. 1st came Batman The Animated Series then The New Adventures Of Batman and Robin then Superman The Animated Series then Justice League then Justice League Unlimited. John Stewart was on JL and JLU.

I always have like John more than Hal. It took forever for Hal to get on my good side before then I thought he was ehh. I don’t know when Green Lantern the animated series came out because I discovered it after it was over but that and some of the animated movies helped to change my mind about him. It’s true I like to see black people included but I liked John Stewart’s stern attitude. Also, I thought his constructs were much better. Much.

I always thought Hal was trying a bit too hard and coming off obnoxious to me. Almost clownish. Not heroic just annoying and his constructs were never logical enough for me. A hand or a fist or something a kindergartener would play with. John’s constructs looked like problem solving ideas and tools to me. I think he fits in better with an organized team and is a better team mate for Batman and Wonder woman too and better at being compassionate. So that’s why. Green Lantern the animated series or GLTAS and the animated movies helped Hal by making him look dutiful to me. That helped a lot. A lot.

Apparently, critics and non dc fans hated the GL movie. I thought it needed work but wasn’t horrible. They over played the 3D. Ryan Renalds was ok but that’s not the right brand of smart ass in my opinion. Tom Cruise in Knight and Day not Ryan Renalds but he was ok. The villain was the real flaw. He just wasn’t something an audience who wasn’t already into dc green lantern stuff could connect to in my opinion and even then … Ehh. However, Kilowog and the other lanterns and their constructs and the training were very well done in my opinion. That was entertaining. That helped me like the Green Lanterns more too. Learning what the other lanterns corps are helped too.

I saw summaries and explanations on YouTube about Blackest Night I thought it sounded epic. From what I understand it’s a impressive reboot. As a matter of fact the YouTube summaries made the other Lantern Corps sound so impressive too. John Stewart in combination with all that is what made me begin to see the different lanterns corps as interesting.


John Stewart, I’m gonna have to read his comics Hal is okay but Jon was a bad ass in JL and JLU

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


@bluekid, you’ve discovered one of my favorite characters! If you want to check out his appearances in comics and shows, check out his encyclopedia entry here:

There’s also a pretty good article that links to the content we have here on the service here as well:

I’m so excited for you!!


Hi again apple jack! I have cought up on all the Batman and all the joker series so I will be taking a read now!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@bluekid I don’t know how but some how I got it in my head that in addition to who is that black GL you also asked which lantern we liked better and why. Oops. Lol. Maybe I confused your question in my head with something from a group somewhere else. My bad.

It was not that long ago … 2018 … I looked for a John Stewart comic and 2 different stores confirmed that he doesn’t have 1 at the moment. Any inside info on if or when that will change? Is there any current comic in particular that he has a very prominent role in that If I sought it out would give me a heavy helping of GL John Stewart? Also are their any on here? If I search will I find?

@texasblaque, Green Lantern: Mosaic is a book that starred the John Stewart GL. It ran for 18 issues from 1992 to 1993. It’s roots began in Green Lantern (1990-2004) #'s 14-17.

John has also led the Green Lantern Corps in recent years.


@vroom. Noted. Thanks.

@texasblaque he had a big role in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps as Corps leader he is also in Scott Snyders new Justice League book. He also headlined the New 52 GL Corps, Lost Army and Into Oblivion, sometimes partnered with Guy Gardner.