:renegade_robins: Black Dawn :renegade_robins:

What do you do when your ‘best’ super friend seems to be losing his powers? You try and help him of course! (Not that Damian would admit to wanting to help his “friend” Jon since he thinks they are a waste of time and all, but we all know he secretly likes having friends, right?)

Something sinister is afoot in Hamilton and its up to our boys (and their fathers) to fix it so lets get to it and see what evil is lurking in Hamilton and what awaits our stalwart Robin.

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What to Read

* Superman Rebirth (2016) #20-26

Discussion Point

  • What did you think of the story and Damian’s role in it?

And that’s all for this month my @RenegadeRobinsClub friends. Next month its back to Teen Titans to see what Damian and the gang are up to. See you then.


I love, love, love Damian and Jon’s friendship. Damian didn’t do all that much in this story, but his asides about stepping in bowels and holding Frankenstein’ s and saying he was looking for a science project were funny. This story makes me miss the Super Sons!


Damian and Jon’s friendship was one of my favorite things about Rebirth. I loved it as much as his friendship with Colin Wilkes from the pre-N52 days.

And I really do miss Super Sons so much.

Speaking of that have you heard about the Super Sons movie coming out in October? If not here’s the trailer.

What do you all think?