Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell

I have read Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell for the first time and am extremely impressed with it. While I haven’t read too much of Zatanna, I have read a lot of Black Canary’s adventures. I have been wanting to read this since I found out about it but this title is currently not available on DCU.

One thing that really stood out was when Dinah and Zatanna were at the toy store and Dinah explains how the Justice League toys profits all go to a charity. I was actually wondering about that when I was reading Superman: Up In The Sky as a Superman toy was featured heavily.

This book plays out more like a movie than a normal comic book arc, which is a great thing. The opening scenes of Black Canary fighting in Las Vegas were cinematic and really brought me into the story. I also liked the way Zatanna was introduced in Bloodspell which lead to the first meeting of Black Canary and Zatanna.

The overall adventure of having to stop a ghost was perfect for Zatanna but it did leave Black Canary kind of helpless. She wasn’t able to use her martial arts or scream to real effect. I think that is the only thing that I didn’t like. Zatanna was excellent and was the highlight in the final fight. This book is filled with cameos from characters ranging from Granny Goodness to Superman.

Has anyone else read this book? If you did, what did you think?


I read it awhile back- I always enjoy Paul Dini Zatanna stories. For me, he is to Zatanna what Grant Morrison is to Superman. They understand the character so well that all I need to invest is to hear they’re writing a new story with said characters and DC will have my $$$.


I loved it too pieces. I think Paul Dini has a really good handle on both of these characters. I’d like to see more adventures of these two written by Dini.


Really enjoyed it and would love to see more graphic novels about the two of them teaming up.

Would also love to see more Dini Zatanna stories period.


I can get behind that statement. Dini knows Zatanna and how to use her in stories. It might help that his wife is a magician so he has the inside scoop on magic stuff.

I would buy more stories of this team-up written by Dini!

I honestly had no idea how beloved Dini Zatanna is and every person that has commented on this has this same thought.


I love this book - it feels like a sequel to the excellent Dini solo series about Zatanna, and Quinones’ art is really, really appealing. I kind of wish that Dini would write one of these every two years or so, to give Zatanna and Black Canary more highlights, but I’m content with what he did here if it has to be the last time he focuses on them for an extended period. There’s so much character and love of the DC history here, and it doesn’t feel like you need to read everything to understand it, but it enriches if you have, the best kind of continuity.