Black Adam will feature the JSA according to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!

Even more excited for this now than I was five minutes ago! Give your fan casts for the JSA to me now!


A younger Robert Redford would be a great Alan Scott.

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I don’t have any cast but it sounds awesome that they’ll be in it.

It would be awesome to see JSA on the big screen! Here’s hoping. :grinning::crossed_fingers:

I can see this. Teth-Adam (according to Geoff Johns’ JSA series) was a contemporary of Khufu, Chay-Ara, and Nabu. It would only make sense that Black Adam would encounter Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and possibly Doctor Fate when he emerges in the present day. I can see an epic fight against the Hawks, with Fate intervening towards the end of the battle.


Thank you Mr. Rock and company

I can smell what The Rock is cooking, and I wants me a taste, big time.


Awesome news, I’m just really curious which time period this is set in. Will it be when the JSA had been formed? Will it be modern day with an older JSA? Will Black Adam meet Hawman and Doctor Fate in ancient time and then fast forward to the JSA’s founding?

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I hope this means we are close to getting a real Dr Fate in live action.

Hmmmm I will have to ponder this awhile as far as ideas on who might be good casting wise, if Warner doesn’t reuse the people already cast in the Stargirl series. (it seems that would be a logical thing to do) It does make me wonder how difficult casting someone to play Atom Smasher is going to be for obvious reasons.


Seriously, imagine seeing Jay Garrick (Flash), Stargirl, Hawkman(Khufu), Dr Fate(Kent Nelson), Atom Smasher, and many more on the big screen for the first time. In my opinion, that would be awesome. Really can’t wait to see this movie.

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