:00_shazam: ⚫ Black Adam: The Dark Age ⚫ :00_shazam:

Rise and stand tall @JusticeLeagueBookClub, as the long-awaited Black Adam movie debuts in just :fireworks: :confetti_ball: one week :tada: :fireworks:, with advance showings beginning on the 20th! :partying_face:

The best way to commemorate the theatrical arrival of the year’s most-anticipated DC movie is by reading one of Black Adam’s most-celebrated comic book tales, Black Adam: The Dark Age, written by electrical superstar writer Peter J. Tomasi, and penciled by magical artistic titan Doug Mahnke.

Have you read Black Adam: The Dark Age before? What’s your favorite comic tale that features the supercharged antihero known to those closest to him as Teth-Adam?

Discuss whatever you like about Black Adam: The Dark Age and any other Black Adam tales that strike you with bolts of joy as we ramp up for 2022’s most-anticipated, star-studded (Pierce “James Bond” Brosnan as Doctor Fate! :nerd_face:) DC movie :00_shazam: :zap: Black Adam :zap: :00_shazam:.

Also: Here’s a stirring, triumphant tune from the Black Adam soundtrack to read by:


If you can smell what Black Adam is cooking! A Villain champion comes to lay a smackdown on JSA!
Can’t wait to see the movie, so just bring it! :grin:

Sorry I’m a fan of the Rock! If the comic is not on Ultra, I would really like to read it.:slightly_smiling_face:


Yes! :raised_hands:t2:

After the trailers wrap, the lights darken completely, the Dolby Atmos trailer plays and as Black Adam begins, I’ll say to myself “Bring it on!”, ala Lex in Superman Returns.

Its not an Ultra-tier book, so click on the link in the OP and read away, good sir! :superman_hv_4:


Of course, it has Black Adam, Hawkman, the Justice Society, Atom Smasher, and Stargirl in it. You wonder If I read that?

The 4th best storyline ever written, Black vengeance.

When Hawkman and Black Adam battle!


Well, one has to ask. :smiley:

I mean, I haven’t read everything with Superman or Nightwing, so…you know.

Dude, that is good reading. Very good, in point of fact.

May I ask what your top 3 are? They must be good, if Black Vengeance is below them.

Who’d you put your betting chips on? The one who can fly, or the one who can fly without wings?


I have read everything with Stargirl in it (as of last time I checked her appearance list.

3- Master Race

2- Princes of Darkness

  1. The Dark Myself Returns

Typically Black Adam wins, but sometimes Green Lantern supercharges Hawkman. Normally it comes down to who does the better job of controlling their emotions. They know each other so well, and they are both great at pushing the other’s buttons.


Easy to do (and congrats :smiley:). After all, Court has a wee bit smaller appearance list than the guy DC’s entire foundation rests upon, who also happens to be where Batman’s first ally got his post-Robin name from.

What’s your GOAT for Court?

Speaking of, will you be reading The New Golden Age books as they debut, or will you read them on DCUI via Ultra?

I don’t have an all-time favorite list from JSA, but if I did create one, Black Vengeance and Princes of Darkness would be on it.

He got my bet as well.

Hawkman’s no slouch in the Badass Department, but when Black Adam can stand toe to toe with Superman, the Nth Metal Wonder of the World™ is going to have a tough time in a rumble with the Tethster.


For now.

I presume you mean best storyline. Princes of Darkness. I really enjoy reading how she and Billy have very different views of how high a hero’s standard should be. Billy puts them incredibly high viewing them as gods, while Stargirl wants her biological father to be saved, thus everybody needs some slack, and she views them as having earned some faults.

As they debut.


Geoff Johns mark I am and have been for nearly 20 years, I’ll be reading them on Ultra.

Of course, I hope you’ll spoil the books in my New Golden Age thread (gives me and others who are okay with spoilers a glimpse of what to expect, you see :wink:), m’kay? M’kay. :stargirl:


I will probably use spoiler marks for them.


Good call, just spoil 'em, all the same. :superman_hv_4:


I think this comic is great. Tomasi rarely misses and this certainly doesn’t. It’s just brutal and cool and everything a Black Adam book should be.