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I’m back! Did you all miss me? First of all, before anything else I’d like to thank @JasonTodd428 for holding down the fort and keeping things going in my absence. I am happy to say that my cancer is in remission. Here’s hoping it stays that way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

First things first!


Your Club Leaders: @Aurora and @JasonTodd428

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I’ve decided to kick off my first return post with a series that several of you know is one of my favorites of all time.

Black Adam: The Dark Age Issues #1-6


(I’m going to try to avoid questions I’ve already seen other clubs ask before)

1: What is your opinion of Black Adam? Is he a villain, or an anti-hero who truly has been pushed too far?

2: Billy changed the word needed to transform to something else in an effort to keep Black Adam from being able to change back. CHOCOLATE EGG CREME. If you had gotten to choose the word instead, what would you have chosen to make it?

3: Throughout the story we see him trying to bring back to life the one person that has ever truly brought him happiness: If it was within your power to bring back any one person from your past, healthy and whole, who would it be?

4: Why do you think he helped the doctors that saved his life? Did he do it out of obligation, or is there actually some good still left in him?

5: After all, he’s done and gone through, Black Adam believes that his quest has failed. What do you think happened that made it possible for someone blessed with a god-level intelligence to overlook that one small but very important detail?

6: Are you looking forward to seeing the Black Adam movie this summer? Do you have any thoughts or theories about the story or the cast? I’m excited to see your answers.


Bookmarked, and welcome back Neighbor!!

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Welcome back to the community, @Aurora! :partying_face:



Welcome back!!! I haven’t read this yet. I will try to squeeze it in with my Batgirl marathon and Soul Plumber reading for HoH.

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Welcome back @Aurora!

Hopefully I have a chance to read this one. Thing’s have been a bit hectic here lately.

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  1. He is a villain who sometimes tries to become a hero.

  2. Silfay Hraka U Embleer Rah.

  3. Nobody. I am not God.

  4. He did it out of obligation and loyalty, as Black Adam is helpful to his teammates, which they basically are now. Remember when he was in The JSA he would save them, and he never back stabbed them. He resigned and front stabbed them.

  5. With all the god-level powers he is still only the mightiest mortal. In addition he overlooks lots of important things like when he attacked the JSA during Black Vengeance. Like me he is very goal focused, and that often results in missing a key small detail.

Based on the commercial it seems like an adaptation of Black Reign. Especially since all the key characters are there except for Stargirl (who was subbed out for Cyclone). For the cast I do not judge them until I see them in action but I have some opinions for now.

Johnson looks the part, but I do not know how well he can pull off angry. Scorpion King time.

Noah Centino is obviously nowhere near muscular enough. Then again neither is Andre the Giant.

I can see Aldis Hodge performing as Hawkman even if he does not look the role. He has to compete with Michael Shanks so I put lots of pressure on him.

Quintessa Swindell- I have very low expectations. Hopefully I am wrong.

Brosnan- Looks like great casting. Award winning credentials, roles as doctors, and he does look like Dr. Fate.


Yeah Atom Smasher is one character that would be totally impossible to cast if you were looking at physical attributes alone. Not many 7 1/2 + foot tall brick walls of muscle exist in the world outside of comics. :rofl:

Al has been my favorite comic character since the 80s, so I must admit I am just hoping Noah does him justice. (Even if I don’t think he comes even close to physically looking the part) From what I’ve seen of him in interviews for other projects, I do think his personality isn’t completely off the mark.

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I remember in JSA All-Stars where “he” lost his powers. With those guns I doubt he needs them.

The odd thing was, that after Infinity Inc it seemed like the writers completely forgot about some of Al’s powers and never showed them again. Maybe they thought it would make him seem even more overpowered. He used to be able to not just increase his density and size, but also lessen it enough to phase through solid objects.

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