Black adam movie news

According to reports, Jaume Collet-Serra is going to be directing Black Adam! Dwayne Johnson has already been casted as Black Adam for quite some time now. How do you feel about this?


Here is a link:

Interesting choice. He’s directed Liam Neeson in a variety of movies over the years, some for WB too.

I’m glad to hear some news about Black Adam. Johnson’s going to nail that role.

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Since I heard that the rock was cast I’ve been curious about seeking black adam from playing injustice to that small tease in shazam good choice for director. I just hope that the movie is out before shazam 2

Black Adam in Injustice 2 was one of my favorites (in terms of gameplay)

Read Black Adams post 52 mini series. It’s great.

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I’m thrilled because it means they’re making steps towards making this movie a reality!

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I know right!

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What msgtv said.

So, this director worked with the Rock an Disney’ Jungle Cruise (sequel will be about the Tilt a Whirl). The important part is the heavy praise Rock heaps on the director. Happy Rock, happy movie news

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Yeah pretty cool

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I feel like casting Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam is a waste of his talents, why not cast him in a more important role, as a former football player, he could be a good rebooted Cyborg or maybe as a rebooted Lex Luthor?

Cyborg? Love the Rock but too old. Now, Lex Luthor is an idea, he’s Rock ever played the villain?


That is good news.

@Shadow302: I’d love to see the Rock cast as Lex Luther but he’s too old to play Cyborg unless they were planning to do an older Cyborg at some point.

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Black Adam can be a very compelling character if done right, however if Dwayne was to be cast as something else, I’d suggest taking advantage of his charisma


Black Adam is quite an interesting character.

His time in the JSA series was entertaining, as was 52 and his post-52 mini (simply titled Black Adam) that ran from 2007 to 2008.

I think Johnson is going to nail Teth-Adam and become a huge fan favorite.


Johnson as Lex Luther is a very interesting idea I can get behind