Black Adam Discussion Thread -- Spoilers!

These powers are not a gift, but a curse born out of rage.


From New Line Cinema, Dwayne Johnson stars in the action adventure “Black Adam.” The first-ever feature film to explore the story of the DC Super Hero comes to the big screen under the direction of Jaume Collet-Serra (“Jungle Cruise”).

Check out the action-packed trailer above and prepare yourselves for an epic adventure. Black Adam can be the end of the world, or he can be its savior. Which will he choose?

What did you think of Black Adam? Let us know what you think in the thread below! :point_down:


Holy potatoes, I want the movie NOW, please! :nerd_face:

My favorite line: “We’re the Justice Society.”

You tell 'em, my all-time favorite Bond!

Will there be any Fan First screenings available for the flick?

Either way, I am definitely onboard for a showing (or two or three or four :smirk:) in Dolby Atmos!


Awesome trailer! Can’t wait :grin:


OMG Holy crap. Ok that looks better than I ever imagined. Like How Rock’s costume matches Shazam’s (like it should). Fate looks amazing. Can’t wait!



I mean, Pierce Brosnan is just awesome in general, but to have him in the live-action DC movie ecosphere and as the original Master of the Mystic Arts is just so cool!

Oh, and Waller! :hugs: I loved that!


A DC movie with Hawkman and an actor that played James Bond? I’m in!


If memory serves, you have a particularly focused interest in Hawkman. :wink:

Which I absolutely share, because Hawkman is a schway (and then some) character.


Very awesome™:+1:.
Can’t wait


Never really saw BA in the comics, how much of an @$$ is he in them?


Haven’t read much of him. Only some recent stuff. Most of my knowledge from him is animation or injustice. I’d say it ultimately depends on the situation but when come to his powers it definitely a lot but as for kantaq (spelt that wrong​:sweat_smile:) it can very. But that’s just from my experience with him.

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Can Not Wait :grin::grin:


The Black Adam Trailer Looks Great!
The Justice Society of America!
Dr. Fate and Hawk Man!

The Spectre, Green Lantern Allan Scott, The Flash Jay Garrick Should Be In It!
The Justice Society of America, On the Big Screen!
About Time!

P.S. I Want A Justice Society of America, Live Action and Animated Movies!


Not at all. He is a man determined to rescue his home, and everybody else can dies if that means saving them. If a villain is going to destroy the world he will go to stop it since that would mean Kahndaq is gone. If the villain promises to spare Kahndaq for his help he will then consider switching sides.

He is an anti-villain.


I’m pumped! Prior, the trailers were just okay but this won me! The idea of the Justice Society? $^#& YEAH! And seeing The Wall? I LOVE HER! And Viola Davis is perfect as her. You could make a Waller movie, I would totally see it!


I would pummel her.

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Never understood the definition given for that term

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It is in the intended audience reaction. They are supposed to root for the anti-hero to win, and they are supposed to root for the anti-villain to lose.


He’s definitely di&^ish to Billy in the original Fawcett comics. I’ve never read the original DC reboot and he’s not really in either the Monster Society of Evil (highly recommended even if Bone’s creator has no real idea of how the authority and power of the Attorney General of the USA works) or in the First Thunder mini (also highly recommended), but he’s definitely an @$$ - and a stone cold killer right from the get go - in the short, Return of Black Adam, which essentially adapts a few things from First Thunder.

He is featured a lot in 52, which is really fabulous for being as long as it is and for being partially authored by Cereal Lord. However, I think some of what he does in that series appears to be what they picked up on for the movie. They tried making him sympathetic in 52 and I wouldn’t say he’s an @$$ but you definitely get the feeling someone should take him out to the wood shed and teach him what’s what.

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If he’s in a Shazam movie, chances Billy would say “Do you need someone to remove that sick from your rear”?

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