Black Adam by Christopher Priest and Rafa Sandoval in July 2022!

Aware of the movie status of each character.

Regardless of how long its been since Superman’s last big screen outing, he won’t be budged by a Rock. :wink:

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Spoiler and non-spoiler thoughts for #1:

Loved the fight between Teth and Darkseid…er, DeSaad’s illusion of Darkseid, that is. While reading, I pondered if BA and Darkseid had actually fought before, but I couldn’t remember a specific instance of that. They must have rumbled before…right?

That spoilery detail aside, I thought the first issue was good. Sandoval’s art was slick, while Priest’s script was serviceable (he sure makes Theo out to be an entitled little snot).

This was initially going to be a DCUI read for me, but I’m glad I jumped onboard when the book debuted, as I think we might be at the beginning of something special with this series and I want to follow it as it unfolds.


This might very well be two new series you’ve talked me in to picking up this week. I was already considering getting this one. At this rate my LCS might need to give you a commission or something. :slight_smile:


gets up from his chair, walks over to his patio and looks outside, his hands crossed behind him

The plan is working. :sunglasses:

I’ll take it! :smiley:

…and hey, if anyone from DC’s Marketing department is reading and needs some new talent on the team, I’m looking for a new job, so you schedule the interview and I’m there. :superman_hv_4:


heh, like DC knows how to actually market effectively tho (I say on a DC owned message board) (nuked from orbit!)


What’s that?

“DC should definitely hire Vroom for their marketing department.”, you say?

Why, thank you! :blush:

slides over a Sprite with a curly-Q straw

You earned it, mon frere. :superman_hv_3:

SN: “Old soul” pops up in the ish, and when I saw that, I instantly thought “millernumber1’ll appreciate that, I bet.”

Someone’s seen Aliens. :nerd_face:

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I have seen zero Alien movies. Unless we count Wookiees! :slight_smile:

eheheheh, you know me TOO WELL. The “Old soul” line spoke to my HEART!

And thanks for the Sprite! So refreshing! Have a Doc Pep!


Go to Hulu, watch Alien and Aliens, and then we’ll talk.

Mmmm, Dr. Pepper. :yum: Thank yas!

BTW, DP makes me belch like a foghorn on occasion, so you’d better have some ear plugs handy. :grin:


I’ll just be sitting here marvelling (perhaps even being the Captain of Marvelling, see what I did there?) at how much I already like Malik, and how cool the setup is for this Black Adam story here. Thy noisesome wind shall not offend me!


Yes Shazam, I saw what you did. You want a cookie, Billy? :upside_down_face:

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Alright, party time! :partying_face:

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…and yes…

takes a chug

…Malik is pretty cool.

continues chuggin’


When I saw Martian Manhunter, I’m reminded by the fact he was written by priest in that task force book.

I love that he is writing Black Adam right now but I would be ecstatic if he wrote more Martian Manhunter stories again because I kinda miss the way he wrote him as a brooding alien.


Should I jump on the Black Adam bandwagon?

I like antiheroes. Maybe I should… or should I?


That first issue wasn’t what I was expecting, but I loved it anyway.


He’s going to be a villain in this, not an antihero. But you totally should!


Thanks for that vital piece of information. It does kinda turn me off from checking it out though. I don’t typically go for stories where the villain is the main character.

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Well, the really good thing about Priest stories is that he never loses the moral vision, even when the villain is the main character. And he has plenty of heroes, antiheros, and normal characters that get really well developed! I give it my highest recommendation, even though I normally am not a fan of villain books either!


And how! :superman_hv_4:

“Moving on.”

Since Priest and Justice League Task Force came up, I love that series. Its a ton of fun and one of my fav '90s JL books, right alongside Extreme Justice (the '90s JL book, of course).