BizarroTV Thoughts and Speculation

Does anybody else get a ‘DC Nation’ vibe out of this announcement?

The mixed media mention, the variety of subject matter and artists and teams involved … if these new shows are basically an expanded, giant-sized version of the kinds of stuff we got in the DC Nation shorts …

…I am SO IN.

(Yeah, okay, I was already in … Ambush Bug! :heart_eyes:)


says to DCU higher-ups and WBTV folks To paraphrase Renee Zellwegger: You had me at “Bizarro”.

The possibilities for this show are truly endless. I adore the DC Nation shorts and hope that BizarroTV goes to 11 on the character variety, animation styles, live-action presentations, etc, etc, etc.

Maybe a certain Metropolis based superhero made of marshmallow could find his way on it too? I do know one thing: 'Mazing Man MUST star in a series of animated shorts.

Oh, and The Warlord too. Blackhawks as well. Wildstorm Universe characters too. Vertigo properties mayhaps? Silver Age Suicide Squad! Sea Devils, Metal Men and the Green Lantern Corps, oh my! mutters more and more ideas to himself


BizarroTV sounds fun. Hoping to see a lot of weird characters we seldom get to see in animation. With little luck maybe some deep cuts into the crazy silver age villainry as well.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if a Kite-Man short titled “Hell Yeah” comes along at some point.

I’ll bet one King Coin (good for Royal Crown Cola too, FYI) that it does indeed come to fruition.

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So happy they are focusing on obscure characters. It seems like it’s gonna be a different kind of show, I am intrigued by the mixed media approach. I’m glad they’re stepping outside of the box.

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What’s nice is this is a show you could only expect on DCU. I tip my cap.


I think that many comics creators have some “comic book nerd” in them. That “nerd” has some innate love for certain b-d list characters. I think we all do, do these creators get to work on passion project, we as hardcore fans get to take in the creations. I like looking okvat ut as target mktg. what better way to get hard evidence on what characters get the most stupport and warrant further development.

I’m hoping for a recurring series of animated shorts titled “The Blue and The Gold” that features the adventures of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.


I can’t wait to see the Creeper on the show! I hope it’ll be good. :grinning:

Hopefully there will be a Detective Chimp episode.

Man, I want a Captain Carrot episode so badly…