So currently within the pages of The Terrifics, Bizarro has been causing all sorts of chronal problems with his ensemble of “Terribles”.
At the same time, though, is Red Hood: Outlaw, where we know that Bizarro has been lost in a different dimension with Artemis.
Both versions of Bizarro seem blissfully unaware of the events of the other series. I’m usually pretty good at piecing together timey-wimey contradictions, but this one really has me stumped.
Are there now two Bizarros? I really wish there were an easy answer but so far I’m at a loss.

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It’s actually explained early on in RHATO that, yes, this is a totally different Bizarro clone! The Bizarro of The Terrifics is “Bizarro #1,” where the Bizarro of The Outlaws is much newer.


Guess I missed that… Do you have an issue number?
Thank you!

In Red Hood and the Outlaws #13, Luthor remembers the Bizarro he created in Forever Evil, and compares this new Bizarro to him.

The Bizarro from The Terrifics, on the other hand, was NOT created by Luthor: he’s from Htrae, a Bizarro World in the multiverse — as established first in Grant Morrison’s Multiversity, and expounded on in Peter J Tomasi’s Superman.


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My head hurts when I read a modern Bizarro story.

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