Bizarro and Solomon Grundy

would anyone be interested In a Bizarro and Solomon Grundy run of comics? If so what kind of story would you want, a comedy, straight action, horror, character development pieces?
I love both these characters and I know they have met and been friends in the past so it’s not like it’s two random characters thrown together.

A guy can dream can’t he.


Since Solly already showed his docile side in STARMAN, he’s the terror people know him to be.

Bizarro might go along, but I’ve always seen him as a comic figure, not a menace.

I’m not particularly attached to Grundy.

Im all for comedy

@batwatch :open_mouth: what’s wrong with Grundy?

He’s generally just a monster. I know there are some compelling versions of him, but they are the exception not the rule. Most of the time he is hulk with a poem and no alter ego.

There would be a third prominent character to play the straight man. But yeah if I written well this could be a heckuva series.

Obvs I love Grundy.