💌 Bitten By the Love Bug: Write a DC Love Letter! 💌

Welcome to the season of love, Ladies and Gents!

Remember the Summer Supercation series we did last year featuring an assortment of postcards created by you, DC’s ever so talented forum community? Well, we’re doing something similar for February, but instead of postcards to friends and family members back home, we want to know what you’d send to the DC character that makes your love-smitten heart go pitter patter! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So tell us, who’ve YOU been secretly admiring from afar (or, knowing some of you, not so secretly :wink:)? Share your heartfelt sentiments in the comments below for the chance to be featured in an upcoming article in our News section! :heart_eyes:

🚨 PLEASE READ - Rules & Guidelines:
  • The entry period lasts from Feb. 1st until Feb. 8th (11:59pm PST/2:59am EST)
  • The length limit we’re aiming for is around 100 words, but if you’re compelled to write something longer, that’s okay, too! Please note, however, that submitting something longer decreases your chances of being featured in our News section.
  • You’re free to put these together as you see fit as far as form goes - it can be poetry, a love letter, even a short story describing the day you two met eyes and you instantly knew you were meant to be together… :eyes: :cupid:
  • You’re not restricted to your own identity, so you can write your submission as yourself, or role play as another character, but please make sure all entries are appropriate. Submissions must abide by the Forum Guidelines.

New to the forum, or just happened to miss out on last year’s FCF postcard event? No problem! Here’s an example of one of the Fan Creation Friday threads explaining the event’s details! :slight_smile:


Hello Zana. I hope Constantine is still in the friend zone lol. Zachary still trying to steal your thunder? I’m hoping to get to Washington soon. Stay away from Nick, he’s trouble. I miss those baby blues & cant wait to run my hands through your jet black hair. I gotta get going, keep those fishnets ready.
ylerecinS sruoY



Hey Grant,
I’m really proud of how far you’ve come. It’s been a joy to get to train you and watch you come into yourself as a hero. When I first saw you as Damage, I would have never guessed you would become part of the Justice Society of America. I know your being in the Titans’ and by proxy my custody was a fluke, but I’m as proud of you as if you were my own kid.
Love you buddy,
Roy Harper


Apollo, you’re the only person I see without a cross-hairs on their head. You’re the only person who can make my heart skip a beat. You’re the only person who can take my breath away. I’d go anywhere, even the underworld, to follow you. If that isn’t true love, then I don’t know what is.
P.S. Sorry about the blood in the bathroom. NOT mine.


My Dear Helena

To us, the Worlds Finest

It has been five years since we have been stranded on this Earth, so similar and so different from our own…

You rescued me from drowning, kept us alive for the first few days, then broke into the Wayne International Computer System to obtain money for us during our stay here. Luckily this Bruce Wayne uses the same passwords as your Dad. That first safe house of this Batman had quite a view.

The machine I am building to get us home gets closer every day, I swear it.

I am sure your Mom, Selina, and your Dad would be very proud of you.

Just like I hope my parents, Lois and Clark, are proud of me

Best Super Friends Forever
Your Partner in Life and Crime

Karen Starr


To the tune of Toni Basil’s “Hey Mickey”:

Oh Amber Heard Mera, you so fine
You blow my mind, hey Amber Heard Mera
Hey Amber Heard Mera, hey Amber Heard Mera
Your red hair is beamingly brilliant and your beauty is everlasting
Oh Amber Heard Mera

claps hands twice

Hey Amber Heard Mera

You so fine, you blow my mind and you’re so kind
Hey Amber Heard Mera
Rise from the sea and wrap me in your beauty as if it’s your Atlantean duty
Hey Amber Heard Mera

claps hands twice

When I think about you my mind races into all the best places
Hey Amber Heard Mera
As we flip through 100 Page Giants at Walmart you can have my heart
Oh Amber Heard Mera

I’m no sea king, but when I think about you my heart is racing
Hey Amber Heard Mera


This is definitely way too long to be considered for the competition, but I hope you enjoy anyway.

A series of crumpled postcards lie in a trashcan


I have missed you dearly since our last meeting. Nothing would please me more than to see you again. I know you must be busy this Valentine’s Day, but


If it would please you, I would be appreciative if you would give me the honor of your time the upcoming 14 February. I would be perfectly able and willing to assist in the apprehension of any of your enemies who


I have urgent information for you regarding a plot by Julian Day to be executed on 14 February, intended to coincide with Valentine’s Day. For fear of this missive being intercepted, I will arrive personally so as to


I have acted on information I have received in order to foil a plan by Julian Day to poison several major holiday candy retailers in advance of Valentine’s Day this year. However, I remain concerned that he may strike again. I will soon arrive in person in order to


I wish you the warmest Valentine’s Day. As a gift, I have arranged with my contacts to ensure that all of your enemies confined in Arkham Asylum have been placed under surveillance. You may safely rest on the 14th. If you do not wish to spend this day alone, I would be

Currently, one letter remains on the desk, as yet unsent.


I will arrive in Gotham at 7:00 AM, 14 February, to discuss an urgent matter with you. I look forward to seeing you at this time.

– Talia

On the table next to it is a furiously crumpled up newspaper. Only its headline is visible. It reads, “CATWOMAN VALENTINE’S DAY JEWEL HEIST THWARTED.”


Dear Abby,

You are chlorophyll in my veins.
The reason to blossom in the morning
The sunshine I must consume
The soil I take root in
The bee to pollinate me

You are my special little flower.

From Swamp Thing


Dear beast boy,

You are the green to my grass, I don’t know what I would do without you. Thanks for being a great friend! Lots of love, and happy valentines,



Dear Eddie,
We’ve had a lot of fun together, haven’t we? Sure, we’ve proven ourselves the undisputed kings of Gotham’s underworld, and all the perks from that title are nice, but it wouldn’t have been half as worthwhile if I didn’t have someone like you to share it with. We make a great team. If you ever feel like you want to be more than partners in crime, you know where to find me.
Evilly yours,


Dear Barbara,

Another Valentine’s Day is coming and yet another letter of my love to you will I write. I know I’ll throw it in the trash like all the others before. That action makes me more sad then all the times Gotham City has been destroyed.

Your love forever,


From the Journal of Richard Swift, also known as The Shade

My Opal
In all your glory
My darling
My most prized
City I have fallen for
Tricked into loving


Found crumpled up among various other drafts and arrow making supplies

Flying together high above New York City limits,
In a glow of green light illuminating your sweet smile,
Is this love like I think or just copying our mentors?

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Of all
the meat bags
I could have
Been fused to,
I am glad
It was


Dear Poison Ivy
I LOVE YOU!!:heart:


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