Birthdays In Comics!

Know any DC character’s birthdays? I’ll edit them back into this intro post if you find them!


3: Jim Corrigan (the Spectre)
5: Commissioner James W. Gordon
7: Sandra Knight (Phantom Lady)
8: Queen Hippolyte [modern, May 18 Pre-Crisis]
10: Snapper Carr
11: Andrew Nolan (Ferro Lad)
12: Brin Londo (Timber Wolf)
13: Gorilla Grodd
16: Wally West (Kid Flash / Flash)
16: Lena Thorul (nee Lena Luthor) [1963, Dec 16 modern]
17: Kent Nelson (Doctor Fate)
18: Roy Lincoln (The Human Bomb)
21: Pete Ross
22: Roscoe Dillon (The Top)
23: Captain William Storm
25: Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana
26: Cassandra Cain-Wayne (Batgirl/ Black Bat/ Orphan)
27: Al Pratt (Atom)
28: Gim Allon (Colossal Boy)
29: Arthur Curry (Aquaman)
31: Mera


5: Tasmia Mallor (Shadow Lass)
6: Sue Dearborn Dibny
8: Tenzil Kem (Matter-Eater Lad)
9: Rex Mason (Metamorpho)
10: Greg Sanders (Vigilante)
11: Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy)
14: Rose Wilson (Ravager)
18: Eobard Thawne (Professor Zoom/ The Reverse Flash)
19: Bruce Wayne (The Batman) [Earth-1, April 7 Earth-2 ]
20: Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
21: Jo Nah (Ultra Boy)
24: Dirk Morgna (Sun Boy)
25: Toby Manning (Terra-Man)
26: “Gunner” MacKay
26: Helix (Baby Boom, Kritter, Mister Bones, Penny Dreadful, Tao Jones, Arak Wind-Walker)
27: Lori Lemaris
29: Billy Batson (Captain Marvel/ Shazam!) [Unknown; March (1973); Dec 23 (1976)]
29: Clark Kent (Superman/ Kal-El)


5: Pat Dugan (Stripesy)
6: Garth (Aqualad / Tempest)
8: Zatara
11: Lee Travis (Crimson Avenger)
12: Perry White
13: Mick Rory (Heat Wave)
14: Selina Kyle (The Catwoman)
19: Barry Allen (The Flash) [Pre-Crisis; May 13 Post-Crisis]
20: Dick Grayson (Robin / Nightwing) [Post-Zero Hour; Nov 11 Pre-Crisis; Oct 24 post-Crisis]
21: Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man) [Post-Crisis; May 26 Pre-Crisis]
22: Princess Diana (Wonder Woman)
23: James Jesse (Trickster)
25: Lydda Jath (Night Girl)
27: Lar Gand (Mon-El)
28: Langford “Happy” Terrill (The Ray)
30: Katar Hol (Hawkman)
31: Arthur Curry, Jr. (Aquababy)


3: Jay Garrick (Flash)
4: Darrel Dane (Doll Man) (sometimes spelled Darrell Dane)
5: Chuck Taine (Bouncing Boy)
7: Bruce Wayne (The Batman) [Earth-2, Feb 19 Earth-1]


13: Barry Allen (The Flash) [Post-Crisis; March 19 Pre-Crisis]
18: Queen Hippolyte [Pre-Crisis, Jan 8 modern]
26: Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man) [Pre-Crisis; March 21 Post-Crisis]

(Unknown Date)
Mr. Mxyzptlk
Billy Batson (Captain Marvel/ Sharzam!) [1973; Feb 29 (unknown); Dec 23 (1976]
Mary Batson (Mary Marvel)


19 - Timothy Drake


16 - Jason Todd



24: Dick Grayson (Robin / Nightwing) [Post-Crisis; Nov 11 Pre-Crisis; feb 20 Post-Zero]


3: Wesley Dodds (Sandman)
11: Dick Grayson (Robin / Nightwing) [Pre-Crisis; Feb 20 Post-Zero Hour; Oct 24 Post-Crisis]


16: Lena Thorul (nee Lena Luthor) [modern, Jan 16 (1963)]

What order should I put found birthdays in?
  • Alphabetical by character name.
  • Chronological order.
  • CHAOS!!! (Please don’t choose this one)

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Chaos is the way.


I said not to pick that one!

(Why make it an option then you ask? Because it would be funny that’s why!)


I disobeyed.


And I’ve never been more proud.


Clark Kent/Superman’s Birthday is on February 29th. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • January 3: Birthday of Jim Corrigan (the golden age Spectre)
  • January 5: Birthday of Police Commissioner James W. Gordon of Gotham City
  • January 7: Birthday of Sandra Knight (golden age Phantom Lady)
  • January 8: Birthday of Queen Hippolyte of Paradise Island [1976 Super DC Calendar; placed on May 18 in Wonder Woman #131 (1962) — both Pre-Crisis]
  • January 10: Birthday of Snapper Carr, formerly with the JLA
  • January 11: Birthday of Andrew Nolan (Ferro Lad)
  • January 12: Birthday of Brin Londo (Timber Wolf)
  • January 13: Birthday of Grodd, the super-gorilla
  • January 16:
    • Birthday of Wally West (Kid Flash / Flash II of Earth-1)
    • Birthday of Lena Thorul (nee Lena Luthor) [Action Comics #297 (1963); placed on December 16 in 1976 Super DC Calendar]
  • January 17: Birthday of Kent Nelson (golden age Doctor Fate)
  • January 18: Birthday of Roy Lincoln (The Human Bomb)
  • January 21: Birthday of Pete Ross, Superboy’s pal
  • January 22: Birthday of Roscoe Dillon (The Top)
  • January 23: Birthday of Captain William Storm of The Losers
  • January 25: Birthday of Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, world’s wickedest scientist
  • January 27: Birthday of Al Pratt (golden age Atom)
  • January 28: Birthday of Gim Allon (Colossal Boy)
  • January 29: Birthday of Arthur Curry (Aquaman)
  • January 31: Birthday of Mera, Aquaman’s wife
  • February 5: Birthday of Tasmia Mallor (Shadow Lass)
  • February 6: Birthday of Sue Dearborn Dibny, Elongated Man’s wife
  • February 8: Birthday of Tenzil Kem (Matter-Eater Lad)
  • February 9: Birthday of Rex Mason (Metamorpho)
  • February 10: Birthday of Greg Sanders (golden age Vigilante)
  • February 11: Birthday of Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy)
  • February 18: Birthday of Eobard Thawne, Prof. Zoom (The Reverse Flash)
  • February 19: Birthday of Bruce Wayne (The Batman) [Earth-1 version; April 7 for Earth-2 Bruce Wayne]
  • February 20: Birthday of Hal Jordan (Green Lantern of Earth-1)
  • February 21: Birthday of Jo Nah (Ultra Boy)
  • February 24: Birthday of Dirk Morgna (Sun Boy)
  • February 25: Birthday of Toby Manning (Terra-Man)
  • February 26:
    • Birthday of “Gunner” MacKay of the Losers
    • Birthday of Helix (Baby Boom, Kritter, Mister Bones, Penny Dreadful, Tao Jones, Arak Wind-Walker)
  • February 27: Birthday of Lori Lemaris, mermaid of Atlantis
  • February 29: Birthday of Kal-El (Superman); Captain Marvel chose February 29 for his birthday, too!
  • March 5: Birthday of Pat Dugan (Stripesy), Star-Spangled Kid’s partner
  • March 6: Birthday of Garth (Aqualad / Tempest), Aquaman’s partner
  • March 8: Birthday of Zatara, the magician Zatanna’s dad
  • March 11: Birthday of Lee Travis (golden age Crimson Avenger)
  • March 12: Birthday of Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet
  • March 13: Birthday of Mick Rory (Heat Wave)
  • March 14: Birthday of Selina Kyle (The Catwoman)
  • March 19: Birthday of Barry Allen (The Flash of Earth-1) [Pre-Crisis version; May 13 for Post-Crisis Barry Allen]
  • March 20: Birthday of Dick Grayson*(Robin / Nightwing II)* [Post-Zero Hour version; November 11 for Pre-Crisis Dick Grayson; a week before Halloween in October for post-Crisis Dick Grayson]
  • March 21: Birthday of Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man) [Post-Crisis version; May 26 for Pre-Crisis Ralph Dibny]
  • March 22: Birthday of Princess Diana of Paradise Island (Wonder Woman), molded from clay and brought to life
  • March 23: Birthday of James Jesse (Trickster)
  • March 25: Birthday of Lydda Jath (Night Girl) of the Legion of Substitute Heroes
  • March 27: Birthday of Lar Gand (Mon-El)
  • March 28: Birthday of Langford “Happy” Terrill (the Ray of the golden age; real first name revealed in Freedom Fighters series)
  • March 30: Birthday of Katar Hol (Hawkman of Earth-1)
  • March 31: Birthday of Arthur Curry, Jr. (Aquababy), Aquaman’s son
  • Birthday of Mr. Mxyzptlk
  • Birthday of Billy & Mary Batson (Captain Marvel & Mary Marvel) [Shazam! #4 (1973); placed on December 23 in 1976 Super DC Calendar]
  • April 3: Birthday of Jay Garrick (golden age Flash)
  • April 4: Birthday of Darrel Dane (Doll Man) (sometimes spelled Darrell Dane)
  • April 5: Birthday of Chuck Taine (Bouncing Boy)

sorry if i just stole your thunder @TheBatgirlofNML. This isn’t anywhere near all of them, but it’s all of them from January 1-April 5, according to the DC Calendar


Absolutely no problem, this is amazing. I’ll edit them in later, I’m going to read Wayne Family Adventures first (gotta figure out what to do with doubles too, stall tactics commence!)


Done! Let me know if you spot any mistakes, don’t understand my formatting, have any suggestions to improve clarity, or have any other Birthdays!

(I added a few myself too)

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Rose Wilson Feb 14

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