Birthday reading

Trying to decide what to kick back and read for my birthday today. Debating on starting Grell’s run with Green Arrow, or starting Detective’s rebirth run. Other suggestions welcome!


Happy birthday! I’m currently reading Gotham City Sirens. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It’s been awesome!

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Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great Birthday today, may I reccomend the Detective Comics? They have alot of old early Adventures of Batman comics from the 40s. :grinning:

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Happy Birthday. In order to provide better suggestions, why those two? Have you already read Scott Snyder’s Batman?


Specifically Rebirth Detective. I have not dug into it yet, but I have been reading Rebirth Batman and just recently finished the war of jokes and riddles. I also just finished Green Arrow The Longbow Hunters and loved Grell’s take on the character, and want to read more of his run.

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First thing’s first, Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a great one, has been so far, or was, depending on when you read this =)

If you liked Rebirth Batman, you’ll love Rebirth Detective Comics. It’s been the best Batman starring Batbook for well over two and a half years now and shows no sign of losing that title anytime soon as it heads into its third year.

As for books available on DCU, I’d go for:

-Green Lantern (Geoff Johns’ run that began in 2005)
-Power Girl
-New 52 Wonder Woman
-Superman Unchained

Again, Happy Birthday! Enjoy whatever it is you end up reading =)



If you’re into Batman and haven’t read Death of the Family from the New 52, you NEED to read it…or reread it even.

(Again, from the New 52)

Batman #13

Batgirl #13

Catwoman #13

Batman #14

Batgirl #14

Catwoman #14

Suicide Squad #14

Batman #15

Detective Comics #15

Batgirl #15

Suicide Squad #15

Batman and Robin #15

Nightwing #15

Red Hood and the Outlaws #15

Teen Titans #15

Batman #16

Detective Comics #16

Batgirl #16

Batman and Robin #16

Nightwing #16

Red Hood and the Outlaws #16

Teen Titans #16

Batman #17

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Happy Birthday!
These are all great suggestions… Sorry that this is no help to you at all. :joy:
I am a fan of all things Batman.
So, anything Batman would be my two cent suggestion.
^ ^


Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday :tada::gift::birthday:I’ve heard nothing but great things about the rebirth detective run.


Happy birthday!!! I’m sure by now you’ve already decided what to read lol, but whatever it was I hope you enjoyed it!

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Happy Birthday!

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Great suggestions! Thank you everyone!

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Happy Belated Birthday, @RockoandSocko3! Hope you decided on a great choice to read :slight_smile:

happy bday have a fantastic day today and i would suggest the green arrow i havent started on issue #11 yet but its a fantastic read

I’m late! Happy birthday Mr. RockandSocko3! If you’re still taking recommendations, may I suggest the Superman story For the Man Who Has Everything? Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman visit the Fortress of Solitude on Superman’s birthday and then I cry at the end.