Birds of Prey

Yeah, I’m starting to get that feeling…


I feel like this upcoming BOP title is going to be one of those where when it starts I’m mostly going to ignore it. But then at some a new storyline will start that will get it to be really good and be a sort of soft relaunch. Much like how volume 2 of Doom Patrol was fine in the beginning but then took off when Grant Morrison started writing. At least that’s my hope


I’m so excited for this series! I’ve just added it to my subscription pull list.
But really anything with Big Barda in it makes me happy.


Hm. The Zealot / Canary / Harley connection really had be convinced that the first arc’s big bad would be Angel Breaker, but now I’m puzzled how toeing up to Diana would play into that. (Could be completely tangential, of course…)


Look - I haven’t read the new first issue yet, but this whole line-up is throwing off my groove man! It just feels weird not having at least Babs involved.

If you were to ask me, I would have the team mostly be made up of the GOATs of this group. Babs, Black Canary, Huntress…but then I want them to recruit Harper Row AKA Bluebird

I’ll admit to some bias because this character is a personal favorite of mine. But she has good fighting skills! Plus, she went undercover to try and deal with Punchline while she was in prison, gotta give her props for that. Plus she’s a tech head, so she can be a version of Oracle that’s in the field. If you need more convincing, Steph can vouch for her