Birds of Prey

" Black Canary’s life has spiraled out of control: her personal life is going through the ringer and her band is in crisis when an old flame resurfaces only to flicker out and set her on an all-new mission against an all-new opponent. The only thing she has to be grateful for is the fact that she’s not alone, as Huntress finds herself on a collision course with Black Canary’s quarry at Detective Montoya’s urging. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn has resurfaced outside of Gotham City and out of the Suicide Squad, with a new lease on life that is sure to make everyone else’s life more complicated. And that’s only the first five pages of this high-octane, graphic novel-length one-shot that pushes the Birds of Prey far beyond their limits and puts them up against the most brutal crime syndicate to ever sweep into Gotham City! Hardboiled superstar writer Brian Azzarello ( BATMAN: DAMNED ) and the bombshell art team of Emanuela Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy take the Birds into the no-holds-barred world of Black Label, and none of them will ever be the same!"

Feel free to express you excitement for these books or to talk about how much you’re enjoying reading them, but please don’t begin any spoiler conversations until Saturday, June 6th, 2020.

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Not to be everyone’s pedantic English teacher, but Black Canary’s life would be going through a “wringer”, not a “ringer”. The expression refers to old-timey laundry wringers that flattens clothes out.

Also you may as well just rename Black Label “Harley or The Joker featuring x” at this point. It’s oversaturated with them.


I feel like it’s a fair criticism, especially considering how many other typos were in this issue. I noticed things like “relatinship,” “you’re resignation” and “Bell Reve,” which is especially confusing considering that you’d think they’d have more time to catch things like that w/ the delay


I’ve said it before, I would love to see Black Label explore more characters in the DC Universe. (Not that I don’t Love Harley and (love to) hate Joker; and the Trinity.) It would be really cool to see them explore some nooks and crannies of the rest of our Universe, especially in the prestige ‘plus’ format.


I can’t get enough Harley and Joker so I wish they would pump out more Joker/Harley content…but with that aside there is A LOT of non Joker/Harley content available through Black Label.

The Hillhouse books have to be Black Label’s biggest collection. They’re all super amazing and I really like what they do with the Sea Dogs chapters at the end of each book.

Vertigo is going to Black Label and Hellblazer is on Black Label now… I actually just realized I forgot to include that in this week’s list. I’ll correct that when I’m done posting this.

We also have The Question books and Strange Adventures. I won’t include the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman books, because you mentioned the Trinity, but Black Label offers a lot more than just the every day DC staples.


Yes true
And I’m loving those too, including all of the Sandman Universe.
But I would still love to see more
Kamandi and Warlord would be great on Black Label

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Its on the weekend read list

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Does anybody else go “CAW CAW!” when seeing the title Birds of Prey? :sweat_smile:

No. But that’s sounds like we should make it a thing.

This just makes me want another Birds of Prey ongoing haha.

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There was a lot in this book that I can nitpick the crap out of but as a Harley fan I appreciate another look at her journey to being a Hero/Crime Fighter!

For how thick the book was I read through it real quick and I did get the impression it was thrown together quickly and not at all edited for accuracy.

I enjoyed it though!

Well…I pretty much enjoy everything Harley!

Oh… @Bukdiah & @Space-Marine_Marty_Travis I think we should TOTALLY adopt the “CAW CAW” as the Birds of Prey call!