Birds of Prey: Who are they making this for?

Seriously though, Harley Quinn is the lead in this. Why? Because people love sex appeal?..ok, that checks out but shouldnt we be trying to cast the rest if the characters accordingly? Wouldnt Gotham City Siryns have made more sense? Well at least we finally get to see Babs, Dinah, and Helana done properly in live action…except we dont. They don’t even care, those are just ancillary characters in a Harley Quinn movie. They have a list of characters and a list of diverse actors, they dont care who gets what “they are all perfect for whatever role we decide to give them!” That’s not how casting works. I’m not impressed and I’m not excited in anyway. I mean, yay Cass and all but I care more about Babs, Dinah, and Helena…you know, the Birds of Prey. These actresses are not up to par with Robbie, Gadot, Pfeiffer, nor even 80’s Helen Slater, visually.

I will say this though, Sofia Boutella would make a great Lady Shiva and Winstead makes sense as Oracle, she has the dramatic chops for the character.

Because Harley is a major seller for both fans and casual audiences and it was the first movie involving her that got off the ground.

K, I know that and acknowledge that part in my original post. My question is why shoe-horn Harley into Birds of Prey, a group of heroes, for Margot’s “rated R girl gang” idea, especially when you consider Harley is a founder of a girl-gang already, Gotham City Siryns? Why treat BoP as disposable ancillary characters to prop up Harley as a hero, especially when shes one of “the bad guys” as she puts it in SS.
Also, why would WB think Black Canary wouldnt be as popular as HQ if they took the same care in casting the character. General audiences love Harley because they actually got a chance to see her done well and because Margot Robbie is hotter than a mouthful of wasabi. So, maybe do that same thing for Black Canary and Huntress and maybe they will be more popular than HQ.
Hell, GCS has Catwoman. General audiences definitely know Catwoman and to a lesser degree Poison Ivy, cast some perfect 10’s for the respective roles (like Olivia Wilde for Catwoman and Evan Rachel Wood for Ivy)
Look at the prospective actresses, now look at Margot Robbie, Amber Heard, Gal Gadot, and Amy Adam’s. Even Ma Kent is played by a former goddess. No matter how popular Harley is, it makes no sense to make a Birds of Prey movie with her front and center. It would make sense for Gotham City Siryns, but you would have to keep Harley a villain or kitty and Ivy become heroes.
This whole approach is wrong.