Birds of Prey Soundtrack

Has anyone listened to the Birds of Prey movie soundtrack? What do you think?

I personally didn’t really listen to that kind of music much. I’m more of 90s grunge music kind of guy. My knowledge of current music started getting spotty around 2005. Today, out of new artists, I’m most familiar with Melanie Martinez’s music. That’s kind of it.


The BoP soundtrack is pretty good. I found myself liking this poppy, silly stuff. I found myself downloading the soundtrack off my music streaming service, in case I lose reception.

I don’t know any of the songs’ names, except for Boss Bit (so to not swear on here) and It’s A Man’s World, but have listened to the entire soundtrack over 10 times.

I feel I like the soundtrack because I can see this kind of music appealing to BoP’s Harley Quinn. Like, I can see her listening to this music while chewing gum and feeding Bruce. That and classic rock. I don’t see Batman TAS’s listening to it. Never. I’m not sure if current animated series on DCU Harley would prefer this kind of music, but she wouldn’t mind it.

So, my point is, I can see this soundtrack being a playlist on Harley’s phone. I see her drinking to it on a boat with the other Gotham City Sirens or a troop of strippers, both male and female, after cashing in that diamond.

This soundtrack just works. It’s really catchy at times but not in an annoying fashion. And it feels like an in movie universe experience. Like an extension of the film.


I love that Black Canary’s actor sang It’s Man’s World for real. That was a beautiful cover. She has a great voice.

The fact that it is sung in Sionis’club was a lovely auditory and visual contrast to the display of female strength at the end by Black Canary.

A song of male dominance in the club of a powerful man. She, submissive to Sionis at first, she uses the same voice which broke that glass in the club to take out waves of Sionis’ men. I don’t recall any female thugs. It was 5 women against a small army of men. All 5 women took on armed thugs which was amazing. But Black Canary showed girl power big time as she had such an enormous strength in that beautiful voice which dwarfed Sionis’ power of fear, crime, and money. Sionis loved her voice. He was captivated by it once. But that was a suppressed voice, something he underestimated, owned. Her true voice was something amazing and freeing.

Very cool.


Well, I cant think of any music I liked from the movie. Black Betty is a great song if you can go a week without hearing it, but I havent been in that situation in a long time. Beyond the classic rock, nothing left an impression on me beyond Jurnee Smollett having a VERY impressive voice.
But I’m just ‘old man screaming at cloud’ here, I assume none of it is bad, it just isnt for me. I always kind of took Harley as more of a Bikini Kill or 8 Eyed Spy kind of girl.


The soundtrack was good, but it didn’t really leave much of an impression on me. There’s a sense of “iconic-ness” that just isn’t there for me. When I think of Superman or Batman I usually think of the most obvious scores that everyone knows, and I can even feel my blood pumping when I remember Wonder Woman’s new theme, but with Birds of Prey I’m having trouble remembering some of the songs, and none of them really have the emotional resonance I had hoped for. I wouldn’t mind listening to it but I’m not going out of my way to hear it essentially.

Edit: I’ve only heard the songs once so maybe repeat listens may change my mind


I really love the soundtrack album, I had it playing on repeat for a few days after I saw the movie.


The soundtrack added a lot of hype for me and it did not disappoint. Pumped me up for the movie and I really enjoyed it. It’s been in my rotation since release. I love Spotify lol.


the soundtrack is great. the Halsey and K.Flay tracks are my favorites. the film really did a great job of marrying scenes with songs off the soundtrack, because while listening to the album i get specific flashes from the movie. good stuff.


Although Bikini Kill is pretty popular and good riot girl music, I can see DCU animated Harley listening to them intentionally more than BoP Harley. If anything, BoP Harley would be more inclined to Le Tigre.

I understand the love for classic rock and notorious punk. I’m very grunge. Babes in Toyland and L7 would suit some universe’s Harley. The BoP Harley is very party party, drinks and drugs. Very now and modern. Not saying she’s dumb or anything. She’s actually very brilliant as she interprets the psychology of people she encounters and she’s pretty spot on in the movie. She’s just irresponsible with a lack of impulse control and a substance abuse issue. That and with many severe psychological issues.

Sorry for derailing the conversation.

I’m glad you also enjoyed Smollett’s voice. It’s very powerful and smooth. My ears tasted musical honey. Haha, I mean, it feels good to listen to. Her song is actually my favorite song from the soundtrack.

Does anyone know if Margot Robbie sang Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend from the Marilyn Monroe fantasy?


The music video song scared me.
I don’t really remember any other music from the movie besides music that sounded like the scary song.
And of course canary singing. That was nice.

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Agreed on Babes and L7, sounds like you’ve some great taste. I always thought “wont tell” would have been very fitting background for a Joker/Harley domestic life scene. Handsome Gretel just feels like a Harley song.


Harley could really bust some heads with Handsome Gretel. And thank you for the compliment @Zombedy


My favorite track is Joke’s On You because it incorporates the score, which I LOOOVE. Like a…rock…spaghetti western…rock opera

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I thought the same thing. It really added to the narrative to take you into the mind of a giant peed-off child.